immigration speech

The Trump Campaign's Best Day

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Trump’s stance in Mexico City and Phoenix reveals that there is no turning back. The die is cast. He is betting the election on his belief that the American people prefer his stands to Clinton’s call for amnesty. If Donald Trump can continue to show America what he did in Mexico City, that he can be presidential, he may just become president.

Trump doesn't soften on immigration but skips some details

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

The Republican presidential nominee, fresh from a controversial but largely successful trip to Mexico, emphasized his respect for the neighboring country's president, the Mexican people and Americans of Mexican ancestry. He argued that his immigration policies would be good for Latino Americans, as well as African Americans. He conceded that many illegal immigrants were good people, more clearly than in his campaign announcement speech that became known for the "Mexican rapists" line.

Trump Talk to Focus on Borders, Not Deportation

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

Trump now appears to have settled on a new manner of discussing his immigration views, if not a revised stance. He will focus on border security, as has been the tack of many Republicans, while leaving the question of illegal immigrants already in the country to sort out later.