importing jihad to America

Tim Kaine Wants Even More Syrian Refugees

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

Kaine was one of fourteen U.S. Senators, dubbed by critics the “Jihad Caucus,” who called for an increase in the number of Syrian refugees resettled in the United States to 65,000 annually. It’s a position Clinton herself has supported since September 2015.

Syrian Refugee Grabs Girl in Massachusetts Swimming Pool

Katie McHugh, Breitbart

A Massachusetts judge has set a $25,000 cash bail for a Syrian refugee charged with indecent assault and battery on a victim under 16. Emad Hasso, 22, allegedly harassed and grabbed a 13-year-old girl repeatedly on Thursday in a swimming pool until a lifeguard intervened. Hasso was imported into the U.S. only two months ago at taxpayer expense, who are now on the hook for additional court expenses, including an interpreter. 

South Carolina police 'shocked' ISIS-inspired teen gets parole

A South Carolina parole board's decision to grant early release for a teenager who served just one year of a five-year sentence on a gun charge rattled local law enforcement because authorities said the teen was attracted to the Islamic State and plotted to kill U.S. troops in North Carolina. The teenager was identified as an American citizen whose family is from Syria.

The Art of National Suicide

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

The ever-growing federal government — with its increasingly anti-democratic, politically correct, and mostly unaccountable bureaucracies — threatens to do to Americans exactly what the EU has done to Europeans. We already see how the capricious erosion of federal immigration law has brought chaos to the borderlands of the American Southwest. 


Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

The West provided a peaceful existence that sheltered the Belgian-born Islamist terrorists from the bloodshed of life in many Muslim nations, the freedom to practice their faith, and health care, welfare, and other financial benefits unconnected to any obligation to find gainful employment. Yet, they hate their benefactors.

Ask the Islam Question

Patrick J. Buchanah, The American Conservative

Have the Islamists of al-Shabab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq—who daily die fighting in the name of Islam—misread their sacred texts? Are they all heretics who fail to understand the peaceful and loving character of their Islamic faith? Or is the West deluding itself? 

Post-Jihad Gesture Theater: Je Suis Sick of It

Michelle Malkin, Human Events

Residents of the besieged city of Brussels — which recklessly opened its doors to mass Muslim immigration and criminalized the vocal dissent of those who’ve objected over the past decade — meekly protested the Quran-inspired violence by leaving pastel-colored chalk messages pleading for “peace no war.”

Islam - Fact or Dream?

Andrew C. McCarthy, Imprimis

In the real world, we must deal with the facts of Islamic supremacism, because its jihadist legions have every intention of dealing with us. But we can only defeat them if we resolve to see them for what they are.

Cruz and Sessions: Obama Stonewalls As 113 Muslim Terrorists Are Identified Inside U.S.

Every American should see this chart on these Muslim terrorists and their immigration backgrounds; for the third time Senators Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions have exposed the threat of Muslim immigrant terror and for the third time Obama has refused to provide answers about their immigration status in a blatant effort to cover-up the threat to the security of your neighborhood that his Muslim immigration policies pose. 

2015: The Year of Anti-Christian Jihad, ‘Christians Are Allah’s Enemies!

Thomas D. Williams, PH.D., Breitbart

The year 2015 will go down in memory as a period of unprecedented Christian persecution throughout the world, resulting in thousands of deaths along with continuous targeted acts of violence and terror.

Why Western Civilization Has Lost Its Self-Confidence

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

As we approach 2016, the West is experiencing a civilizational loss of self-confidence, arising from a narcissistic fatalism and cataclysmic failure of institutional leadership. At every turn, it seems, the weak and uncertain leadership of the West is submitting to the strength and evil certainty of radical Islam, of which Winston Churchill warned more than a century ago “no stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”

It’s Time for Candidates to Discuss the Enemy Within

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

When Congress returns in January, there will be a robust debate over the authorization of use of military force (AUMF) in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS.  But while we debate a bunch of lousy options and the potential cost of lives and billions of dollars arming our enemies in endless Islamic civil wars, the politicians in both parties will never discuss the enemy within the United States.  This is where the presidential candidates must lead by example. 

Military Expert Steven Coughlin: America’s Leaders Are Inviting More Terrorism

Ginni Thomas, Daily Caller

Coughlin explains in this video interview that both political parties appear increasingly more worried about not being called “a bigot” than in protecting American citizens from emerging threats.

When Elites Just Don't Get It

Heather Wilhelm, RCP

As information slowly spools out of San Bernardino, we’re seeing an increasing number of holes in a government that insists on blind trust and growing control. Meanwhile, America’s elites ratchet up the condescension level. You can scoff at the threat of terrorism or tell Americans they’re more likely to die by lightning than in a terrorist attack. But you won’t be getting at the heart of their real concerns. It’s a worry that is exacerbated by a cohort of powerful government elites who not only obfuscate reality, but who can’t understand it when it smacks them in the face.  

Trump and Muslim Immigration

Mark Krikorian, National Review

Donald Trump has again succeeded in setting the terms of political debate, this time by calling for a temporary halt to the admission of all Muslims from abroad, whether as immigrants or as visitors (“nonimmigrants” being the technical term). Everyone’s outraged, of course, but this is a topic that needs to be addressed head-on.

Obama Covering Up Evidence ISIS Is Targeting Refugee Plan

Christian Datoc, The Daily Caller

Rep. Michael McCaul said Monday that the United States intelligence community has obtained specific evidence indicating that ISIS is targeting President Barack Obama’s Syrian refugee plan.

Obama: America Needs More Unarmed Victims for Muslim Terrorists

"If I could say anything to President Obama it would be this, access to firearms in the United States is not the cause of any attack,  and calling on Congress to pass anti-gun legislation banning 'assault weapons' will only serve to weaken the defenses of American families." Brian Mast, Republican candidate for Congress, FL-18

Why the San Bernardino Shooting Scares Us So Much

Corky Siemasko, NBC News

While the U.S. has been plagued by deadly workplace shootings, the idea of a home-grown jihadi gunning down his co-workers in the name of Allah is especially terrifying, according to experts.

San Bernardino Tea Party to Obama: Keep Syrian Refugees Out

Patrick Howley, Breitbart

Californian Tea Party members in the San Bernardino area are urging President Barack Obama to back away from his plan to send Syrian refugees into the tragedy-scarred city.

Still No Religious Test For Immigration Mr. Speaker?

Islam, as it is practiced by millions of Muslims around the world, is not a "religion," but a totalitarian political system that regulates the lives of adherents in the minutest detail and whose goal is a worldwide Islamic Caliphate bestowing absolute power on its leaders. It is virtually the polar opposite of the American system of constitutional liberty. Yet, our political leaders, such as Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and President Barack Obama refuse to acknowledge this reality.