Income taxes

Why New Yorkers Flee for Florida

Sen. Rick Scott, Wall Street Journal

The elites in New York and Washington should commission a study of Florida to see what happens when conservative ideas are put into practice. The luxury real-estate market in Manhattan may be sagging, but Florida’s economy is thriving, expanding at a record pace. There’s a reason Florida surpassed New York as the third-largest state. There’s a reason Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mom left New York for Florida. And there’s a reason companies are fleeing high-tax states, bringing jobs with them to Florida, Tennessee and Texas.

Democrats will stop at nothing to help wealthiest earners in blue states

Editors, Washington Examiner

Democrats are not sincere when they cry about tax cuts for the rich. Rather, they are just upset that the tax cuts aren’t going to the right rich or that taxes aren’t being imposed in a way that forces low-tax states to subsidize high-tax states. Once again, the wisdom of the tax reform bill reasserts itself. Not only is it creating jobs and opportunities for people all over the nation, but it also has all the right people whining and suing in order to protect the rich from a fairer, simpler tax code.

Gas Tax Hike: The West Wing Democrats Try To Kill The Trump Presidency Again

Gary Cohn’s latest contribution to killing the Trump presidency is the idea of raising the gas tax. Cohn doesn't seem to get that voters who are rapidly being assigned to lives of Stalinist-like drudgery by the forces of globalist pressure on wages and rising taxes are unlikely to forever passively accept that fate.

Tax Reduction and Reform: President Trump Goes After The Swamp

Reducing the tax burden on businesses will encourage long-term investment, make them more competitive and help get our economy growing and creating private sector jobs. This is the tax plan that the American people supported when they elected President Trump, so Speaker Ryan and House Republicans would do well to give it their full support.

Purging the Marriage Penalty

Ed Feulner, CNS News

There’s a lot to fix in the EITC program, and one of the most important is eliminating its marriage penalty. It may not seem very romantic, but increasing EITC benefits for married couples with children is one of the best Valentine Day’s presents Uncle Sam could give.