Status Quo Blues

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Slowly and by hit and miss, Americans are learning that they do not need to go to a theater to see another Harvey Weinstein movie; or watch network news or read traditional journalism; or, on NFL Sunday, see more zillionaires in their luxury boxes above grow giddy as their employees below score, only to see a showboating player kneel on all fours to mimic a urinating dog, which is apparently less offensive than standing for the national anthem.

“Journalists” Discover “Ethics” To Protect Hillary Clinton From WikiLeaks

The newly revealed angst about “pilfering” as the source of a story seems to have emerged only during the Obama years as the progressive media establishment accepted the veil of Obama – Clinton secrecy and stonewalling. The reality is that, unlike the crusading journalists of old, today’s “journalists” don’t crusade for the truth and against the corruption of politicians like Hillary Clinton, they cover for them.

Newspaper circulation sees biggest decline in six years

T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner

The long-term health of the newspaper industry has been in doubt for years, and the sharp drop in circulation in 2015 suggests things aren't about to improve. Weekday circulation declined by seven percent in 2015, and Sunday circulation fell by a four percent, according to data presented in the Pew Research Center's "State of the News Media 2016" report.

Bob Woodward On IRS Scandal: ‘Lots of Unanswered Questions’

Alex Griswold, Daily Caller

Legendary Watergate journalist Bob Woodward said that he wished younger journalists would do more old-school investigative reporting, especially when it comes to the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups.