How Rush Limbaugh Made Millennials Like Me Conservative

Nicole Russell, The Federalist

Three hours of Rush Limbaugh provided everything I needed for a foundation in conservative thought. Even as Rush spoke to more than 25 million people, it felt like he was just talking to me. Were it not for his daily show, and filtering ideas I heard with my dad, I would not have become a political conservative, a writer, a lover of liberty, and as we say at The Federalist, anxious for the fray—a sentiment I know Limbaugh would appreciate. I’ve wanted to write this essay for at least a decade, to tell people—or maybe just to tell him— how just one person can so powerfully influence another. Mr. Limbaugh, we the millennial Rush babies thank you. We wish you healing, grace, mega dittos, and many more cigars. You changed everything for us.

'Conservative Obama,' pregnant men and other liberal media fantasies

Robert Knight, Washington Times

For Marxists, a lie is as good as truth if it works to advance their cause. A case in point was a recent nearly full-page article on the front page of The Washington Post’s Outlook section, where the headline proclaimed: “Barack Obama: Conservative.” Sure. And Bernie Sanders is moderate. When an entire generation is taught that truth is subjective, and that the only god they should heed is their feelings, they’ll fall for anything. Orwell warned in his dystopian novel “1984” about an all-powerful state suppressing the truth. Although no original citation has been unearthed, he’s been widely quoted as saying, “speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” We’d better do so while it’s still mostly legal in America.

Conservative Leaders To GOP Congress: Build The Wall, Defend American Sovereignty

The Conservative Action Project yesterday released a Memo for the Movement entitled "America’s National Sovereignty Threatened: Congress must fund a Wall that secures our Southern Border." We urge all CHQ readers and friends to call Congress to demand the Wall be funded. and the border secured. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) call TODAY.

Border Crisis Continues To Burn While GOP Fiddles

We urge CHQ readers and friends to contact your Senators and Representatives today to tell them not to waste the Lame Duck. This is the last opportunity Republicans have to fund the Wall before radical Far-Left Democrats takeover the House and impose gridlock on President Trump’s conservative agenda. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) call TODAY.

The George H.W. Bush Obituary You Won’t Read In The New York Times (Part Two)

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
As the establishment media rushes to make the late President George H.W. Bush a saint of bipartisanship conservatives ought to remember the real George H.W. Bush and heed the political lessons available from an honest review of his record. (Read Part One here)

How The Late George H.W. Bush Killed The Border Wall

Ryan and McConnell are cynically using the lying-in-state and funeral arrangements for the late President to give air cover to their government by crisis strategy to avoid a fight over border wall funding and other Trump agenda items that will be DOA in next year’s Democrat controlled House of Representatives.

The George H.W. Bush Obituary You Won’t Read In The New York Times (Part One)

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Those who wax nostalgic for George H.W. Bush’s public decorum and old-fashioned Protestant rectitude want Americans to forget that behind the gentlemanly exterior was a politician whose policies were anything but conservative, and whose greatest political legacy was breaking the Reagan coalition and undoing many of Ronald Reagan’s hard-won victories.

Is a President’s Character His Presidency’s Destiny?

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Donald Trump's presidency is too brief to yet be judged; his personal foibles are too imbedded within current political hatred to be assessed dispassionately. Neither is it yet clear that Trump is a bad man or a good president or vice versa or neither. But if the past is sometimes a guide to the present, Trump in theory certainly could become a more effective president than would have been his likely soberer and more judicious Republican rivals—which raises the question: when one man can change the lives of 330 million, what is presidential morality after all?

Obama: The Arrogance of Failure

President Obama is the most unaccomplished man to ever hold the office and has been given an eight-year free pass and never held to account for his failures; while Donald J. Trump hasn't even been sworn in and is already a human pinata for the snowflake right and the radical left.

President Obama's Legacy Follows His Shadow

Emmett Tyrrell, Washington Times

President Barack Obama will leave office after eight years of strutting even while sitting down, preening even while standing up, swanking while playing 18 holes. Yet he remains the first president in American history to cast no shadow. President Jimmy Carter cast a pale and minuscule shadow. President Lyndon Johnson cast an obscene shadow. But Obama leaves absolutely no shadow, even in the moonlight.

Delusional, defensive Obama can’t see a legacy in tatters

Matt Mackowiak, Washington Times

Mr. Obama’s greatest regret should be squandering the promise of his presidency, failing to move to the middle after the 2010 midterm losses, putting his own re-election ahead of the good of the country, and being left with no lasting bipartisan political achievements to celebrate. He now has the time to write, to think and to play basketball and golf, basking in the glow of his celebrity friends. But, in quieter moments, Mr. Obama will be forced to wonder whether it was all worth it.

Trump's Secret Weapon: Obama

Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal

Deep Democratic fissures have been on display for years, with Mrs. Clinton’s rancorous primary against Bernie Sanders only the most recent example. But the media chose to ignore this and instead to obsess about largely superficial GOP divisions. All along this election has been portrayed as a referendum on Mr. Trump. Tuesday’s results are far better viewed as a thundering repudiation, at every level, of Mr. Obama’s governing and policies.

Trump promises 'new legacy' at Ohio rally

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

In one form or another, Trump promised voters in Charlotte; West Bend, Wis., Dimondale, Mich.; Fredericksburg, Va. and now Akron, that his proposals will introduce a new era of prosperity, unity and tolerance in a nation that has been divided and decimated by Democratic policies.

Obama’s true legacy is a reinvigorated GOP in the States

Tyler O’Neill, PJ Media

New conservative leaders are cutting taxes, cleaning up regulation, and cultivating a strong environment for business. For the first time in a long time, manufacturing jobs are coming back to the United States.