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Atheists' Anti-Prayer SCOTUS Rally

Billy Hallowell, The Blaze

SCOTUS will be asked to recognize and reject hostility to religious expression. Atheists and agnostics will assemble at the SCOTUS as arguments begin on the Town of Greece v. Galloway prayer case.

Schlafly: War on Religious Freedom

Phyllis Schlafly, GOP USA

Americans who believe in God had better wake up and realize that a well-orchestrated campaign is moving to fundamentally transform the US into a scrupulously secular nation.

Ken Cuccinelli Nails Obama and ObamaCare

In his response to Obama's weekly address Ken Cuccinelli did a masterful job of distilling things down to conservative principles vs. Obama's secular liberalism. With less than three weeks left until Virginia's Election Day, Ken Cuccinelli needs your support and your vote more than ever.