A Lesson From George Washington's Letter to the Hebrew Congregation at Newport

To George Washington freedom of conscience and religion were natural rights and one of the great achievements of the American Revolution was "no more that toleration is spoken of as if it were the indulgence of one class of people that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights..."

Rush's Mission to Save America

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Freedom is always just a generation away from extinction. Limbaugh's new children's book helps kids understand freedom, its real-time relationship to American history, and the importance of American Exceptionalism.

The Anti-Individual Left

Matt Purple, American Spectator

If you like your health insurance, tough. Progressives have long put their collectivist schemes ahead of individual liberty.

The War On Us

Angelo M. Codevilla, Library of Law and Liberty

The Obama Administration is unprecedented in using the federal government to go after ordinary Americans. Even state and local government has used more serious tactics.

Holding Our Friends' Feet to the Fire

Too many otherwise conservative individuals get elected to Congress and soon come to believe that they are “leaders” entitled to uncritical support, instead of “representatives” translating the wishes of “We the People” into policy and action.

Amash Fighting Big Brother NSA

Rep. Justin Amash’s principled stand for liberty and privacy is in stark contrast to the House Republican leadership who have largely ignored the illegal and unconstitutional acts of the Obama security apparatus in favor of a “security at any cost” attitude toward the NSA's domestic surveillance program.

A Return to The Conservative Mind

Gerald Russello, Daily Caller

Conservatism has forgotten its roots in the tradition of liberty and community. Let's revisit Russell Kirk's book.

Love or Fight Thy Neighbor?

W. James Antle III, Daily Caller

“Copperhead” presents a different look at the Civil War and the true meaning of loyalty.

Ron Paul Hosts Weekend Summit

Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics

The event will feature many of the leading figures and supporters of Paul’s liberty movement.