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Hot Take: Trump Announces Reelection

President Trump’s conscious or unconscious decision to equate conservative ideas, policies and values with Americanism, in contrast to the Democrats’ radical socialism, may be his most enduring contribution to American political discourse. It is certain that the core ideas that the Democratic Party has now embraced have no precedent in American constitutional liberty and only Donald Trump would be unafraid to call them un-American.

Did Trump Lock-Up 2020 In One Speech?

President Trump correctly identified the issues at bar in 2020 as the American dream versus the socialist nightmare. Democrats are already helping President Trump put their socialism on trial by embracing socialist candidates,  and by ratcheting-up the socialist rhetoric. It is up to us conservatives to make sure Trump obtains the conviction.

Media Ignores Great Economic News… Again

Inflation-adjusted disposable income rose 4.2 percent, last quarter, and America’s working families are seeing a continued gain in their disposable income, and thus a continued improvement in their quality of life. This is not only good news for America’s working families, it is good political news for President Trump, which is probably why it was buried by the establishment news media.

Trump Report Card: State of the Union Address 2019

Our friend David Franke shares President Donald Trump's report card for a class in Political Performance 101—an elective in both the theater/performance art department and the political science department of Franke University. Understood in this way, Prof. Franke gave President Trump a grade of A+.

Good News From Trump Wrecks Democrats

The American workers Donald Trump promised to fight for are the real winners of the Trump economic boom. Good news for Americans is death to the Democrat Party, and that is why in their coverage of President Trump’s State of the Union message most of the establishment media could not get beyond the shenanigans of the white-clad Democratic congresswomen.

Manufacturing Moves to Right to Work States

Stan Greer, CNS News

Right to Work laws foster an ideal environment for modern manufacturing by empowering employees who disagree with Big Labor obstruction and “hate-the-boss” class warfare to resist by quitting the union and withholding all financial support for it. That’s a key reason why the 28 Right to Work states now represent the future of high-paying manufacturing jobs and businesses in the U.S.

Better ways to boost manufacturing and jobs

Editors, Washington Examiner

A number of policies would boost job creation while moving power away from Washington. Ex-Im shuffles money around the economy while empowering Beltway insiders to take a cut. Trump's K Street and Wall Street friends will push him to do what Clinton wanted to do. He ought to instead to think bigger and push through sweeping structural changes that will lift the whole economy and the whole country, not businesses selected politically to be winners.