Marco Rubio finances

New questions raised about Marco Rubio’s GOP credit card expenses

Patricia Mazzei and Alex Leary, The Miami Herald

An analysis by the Herald/Times of the new statements, however, found Rubio spent freely on the sort of items that are difficult to prove — or disprove — as party business expenses. In some ways, however, the statements, which he previously refused to make public, raise more questions about how Rubio used the card, rather than laying them to rest.

Inside Marco Rubio’s messy American Express statements

Manuel Roig-Franzia, Sean Sullivan and Tom Hamburger, The Washington Post

An American Express card was a major perk for Rubio as he rose in prominence in Florida politics. It was granted to him by the state Republican Party to pay for recruiting candidates, raising campaign donations and other expenses related to his political work. Things quickly got messy, the records show.

Rubio Confronts New Scrutiny Over Use of Party Credit Card

The New York Times

Rubio has at times seemed defensive about his finances. During the last Republican presidential debate, he batted away a question about his financial bookkeeping as a litany of “discredited attacks from Democrats and my political opponents.” But on Wednesday, his tone seemed to shift during an ABC interview.