Reopening Georgia and Colorado: A Study in Double Standards

David Catron, The American Spectator

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis presumably has public health expert advisors on his staff, but they seemed to have had less effect on his decision than the protesters who descended on Colorado’s Capitol last week to protest his stay-at-home order. That probably explains why the legacy media have denounced Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s reopen strategy and ignored the all-but-identical plan put forward by Gov. Polis. They don’t want to encourage the peasants to talk back. Likewise, Trump must be wary about deferring to Beltway bureaucrats and betraying loyal GOP supporters like Gov. Kemp. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, this is no time to “go wobbly.”

Dictator? Trump understands limits to his power better than press does

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

When it comes to forcing American citizens to stay home, Trump can only advise. The real stupidity starts when state and local authorities start arresting preachers or citing people for showing up at church or chasing after people running down an empty beach. The First Amendment could not be clearer on the right to assemble peacefully. And the right of Americans to attend church unmolested by government actors. Only a complete fool politician would test that authority by physically barring them from going to church. Any such case would quickly shoot to the top of the courts, where the Supreme Court would flatly rule any such actions as totally unconstitutional.

Manipulating Steele's Dossier of Disinformation

Tim Graham, CNS News

The MRC found that during the first two and a half years of Trump's presidency, the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts devoted over 2,200 minutes to the notion that Russian disinformation was used to elect Trump, but they avoided revelations that made Democrats look bad. The "bombshells" always seem to land on one party. The Steele dossier is a great example of why the Republican half of America frowns at Facebook and Google and YouTube for tilting their search results toward "authoritative news sources" like CNN so the public is less susceptible to manipulation. At least Wemple wants these "authorities" to earn their place as the top media manipulators.

After an overreaction to COVID-19, it's time to liberate America

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

Conservatives are mostly a passive lot, expressing their frustrations and anger over ideas they oppose by listening to or watching Fox News, talk radio or attending Trump rallies when that was possible. The duration of the COVID-19 lockdown and its associated unemployment “pandemic” are changing that. Recent arbitrary executive orders by some governors have driven many who have never before demonstrated for or against anything into the streets of state capitals, with more likely to come. That there has been an overreaction to this virus, in my opinion, is hard to dispute. With such silly and arbitrary dictates, is it any wonder more people are taking to the streets?

What the Media Can't See About COVID-19

David Catron, The American Spectator

The reflexive refusal of the legacy media to report any good news in the war on COVID-19 doesn’t apply to bad news about economic damage. “Finding a sizable audience has not been a problem for publishers … But with businesses paused or closed—and no longer willing or able to pay for advertisements—a crucial part of the industry’s support system has cracked.” This has led to thousands of furloughs and pay cuts at the country’s largest newspaper chains. The media should welcome good news about COVID-19 and join the rest of us as we pray that the pandemic reached its peak during Easter, and that there will be a public health and economic resurrection in May.

Academe Assesses Conservative Media Against 'Nonpartisan' Outlets

Tim Graham, CNS News

The liberal Columbia Journalism Review has published a lengthy special report on the values and practices of online conservative news sites. These professors should be welcomed for finding the conservative media to be worth academic attention. But they seem to be dismissing the overwhelming bias that provides so much energy and loyalty to conservative outlets. "Nonpartisan" journalism for the "general interest" sounds great, but that's not what any of these overtly partisan and liberal outlets provide. Our media are divided between conservative and liberal, right and left, not conservative and "nonpartisan general interest." That ship has sailed, and it sunk.

Is America a Roaring Giant or Crying Baby?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Post-virus America can awake from this epidemic and economic shutdown in one of two different ways. One, we can wake up as we did on December 8, 1941, to ensure that Americans control their own fundamentals of life — food, fuel, medicine, and strategic industries — without dependency. The military can refocus our defenses against nuclear missiles, cyberwarfare, and biological weapons. On the home front, diversity is fine, but in a national crisis as serious as this one, the unity that arises from confidence in shared American citizenship saves lives. Our other choice is to keep bickering and suffering amnesia, remaining as vulnerable as we were in the past.

Liberal Nonsense Is Looking Dumber Than Ever Now

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We had a good run for a few years, but our elite got even softer and stupider. They imagined that the world was a safe, secure place where nothing bad ever happened, and that the paradise they inherited could handle anything, including our elite’s stupidest, most destructive SJW indulgences. And our society, built and maintained by better men and women, could handle it. It was strong enough to carry the burden of childish social justice stupidity, right up until some guy licked a pangolin and, well, you know the rest. Political correctness and its associated disorders are a luxury we can’t afford in this new, serious, adult world. Good riddance.

A Mitigation Disaster

David Catron, The American Spectator

Thomas Sowell famously wrote, “Only in government is any benefit, however small, considered to be worth any cost, however large.” This is essentially where we are in our response to COVID-19. Thus far, every projection of potential fatalities has been far too high, including the projections issued by the Coronavirus Task Force. We know all too well from past experience, however, what the human cost will be if we pursue mitigation strategies that result in widespread unemployment. It will not be, as Dr. Fauci suggests, “inconvenient.” It will kill more of us than COVID-19. It will be, as the President has warned, worse than the problem itself.

American media keep repeating China's coronavirus talking points

Editors, Washington Examiner

The American press’s readiness to treat reports out of Beijing with little, if any, skepticism comes as actual Chinese Communist propaganda videos cite members of the free press in conjunction with its broader, hyperaggressive effort to avoid blame. The journalists who claim it is problematic to refer to the virus by its country and city of origin, and the ones who claim China has the pandemic mostly under control, and who praise China's efforts to help other countries are doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party, which is eager to present itself as the world’s leading superpower and scrub from the record its culpability in the spread of the virus.

How the liberal media weaponizes COVID-19 against Trump

L. Brent Bozell III, Washington Times

The complaints about media politicizing this crisis are accurate and well deserved. If anything, considering the magnitude of the crisis before us, these criticisms are understated. At what should be — what must be — a time of national unity, a biased, one-sided national media is tearing us apart. Worse yet, when the most pugnacious of the national media were called on their frenzy of partisan hate, their biggest media guns were trained on those who did so. The media’s need to control their political appetite is never greater than at a time like this. The American people are looking to them for truthful information, not politically-motivated propaganda.

So many to blame for coronavirus crisis, so don’t bother

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

The blame game cuts in all directions. If Trump is to be held accountable, he should share the dock with many others who failed to foresee the coming destruction. Most of the big media outlets disgraced themselves by falling for the early lies from China and the WHO. Clearly, few people in public life will emerge unscathed from the blame game if we ask everyone the same questions: What did you know, when did you know it and what did you do about it? On the other hand, mutual destruction is neither required nor desirable, and there is a better option. We can just skip the blame game for now and work together to help America get through this worst of times.

Not All Coronavirus Cases Are Created Equal

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

God and government may believe we are all created equal. Coronavirus cruelly dissents. We hate generalization, discrimination, and survival-of-the-fittest elitism. Germs hold no such scruples. Like all predators, they achieve greatest success against the weak. We need to admit this and act accordingly. We also need to acknowledge that when individuals cede their judgment over to the government, bad things happen. Trust individuals with their own health. Trust strangers in government with your health? No thanks. Panic is not a policy. Separate the vulnerable because they are valuable. Let the healthy emerge from hibernation because they are valuable, too.

Latest genius Democrat plan: Make the election about Wuhan virus

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Nothing is more disgusting than watching a bunch of politicians scrambling up the greasy pole in times of genuine crisis to score naked political points. This is why the national political media has never been held in lower regard than it is today. Day after day watching live, televised briefings from the White House as government officials struggle to work through an epic crisis while reporters bleat on and on from the lazy bleachers about whether it would be racist if somebody called the coronavirus from China “Kung Flu.” To be sure, this is a dangerous game for anybody to play. Impeachment was politics over the pandemic for them. Just as it is today.

PBS and NPR Offer Journalism by Liberals for Liberals

Tim Graham, CNS News

The enormous coronavirus stimulus package was festooned with goodies for key Democratic constituency groups including $75 million in "emergency" funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which offers grants to PBS and NPR stations. That's on top of the half-billion Congress already authorized for the year. They call it "public" broadcasting, but it's niche broadcasting by liberals for liberals. PBS and NPR are not consistently strong in "speaking truth to power." With Democrats, they speak valentines to power. This is why Democrats make sure the money keeps flowing to PBS and NPR. They are the wind beneath Democratic wings.

Armchair Quarterbacks Try to Rewrite History on Coronavirus

David Harsanyi, National Review

Even if we had “listened to the scientists,” the United States wouldn’t have been able to avert the coronavirus. Expert predictions were all over the place, and very few researchers or scientists came close to calling the spread correctly. It’s impossible to be on a perpetual war footing, organizing and planning for every known emergency and eventuality at all times. Of course there is great room for improvement. Of course we should have more flexibility to produce ventilators or other emergency equipment. But it’s unrealistic for the public to expect there is any policy proposal or political leader that can immunize us from disasters such as this one.

The ‘Orange Man Bad’ Disease

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

The “Orange Man Bad” theory of causation: everything bad is Trump’s fault and this theory's proponents evidently can’t understand why it has cost them their credibility. So far, U.S. deaths from COVID-19 are still only a single-digit percentage of the more than 30,000 Americans who die annually from ordinary flu infections. As bad as the coronavirus outbreak is — and it’s likely to get much worse before it gets better — we must keep it in perspective. We must be able to distinguish between real risks and the politically motivated fear campaign being hyped by the media. The coronavirus pandemic will end, but the media’s liberal bias is incurable.

Woke stupidity is spreading as fast as the coronavirus pandemic

Kyle Smith, New York Post

The woke virus is spreading faster than ever. Woke idiocy has attended every step of the coronavirus outbreak. On Jan. 30, just as it was starting to emerge as a serious worldwide issue, CNN published a huffy piece on Trump’s health-crisis managers that began, “It’s a statement that’s as predictable as it is infuriating: President Donald Trump’s administration lacks diversity.” Oh no, a lot of epidemiologists are white guys. Cancel them. Last week CNN invited notorious Hugo Chavez fanboy Sean Penn in as an expert on crisis management. Next year there will probably be a vaccine for coronavirus. But there will never be an inoculation for woke stupidity.

Tumbleweeds Greet Credible Sex Abuse Accusation Against Gropey Joe

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Like all the trash people in his trash party, Biden wanted to crucify Kavanagh over a patently ridiculous lie while posing as dedicated protectors of womenfolk. They all knew it was a joke, but who cares if you have to ruin a good man if doing so protects the ability to off babies up through adolescence? And now we have this, which may or may not be real but sure as heck sounds consistent with how this skeevy creep behaves and talks, and instead of believe all women, we get, “Nah, ignore the victims that hurt our chances in November.” Liberalism isn’t even hypocrisy. It’s just one giant lie wrapped in a scam and dipped in unadulterated bullSchiff.

As Trump’s Poll Numbers Rise, Media Begin Censoring Press Conferences

Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

In response to positive Trump's positive poll numbers, the media were angry and depressed and began blaming his press conferences. Their theory seemed to be that the more Americans saw Trump, unfiltered, they liked him and the more Americans saw the behavior of the media, they didn’t like it. This flies in the face of what many in the media assumed for years. They pushed for daily White House press conferences so that they could have the opportunity to be on camera and pressure Trump. Now that they had daily press briefings with the president, they weren’t happy. A weird response for people whose ostensible job is to simply report the news of the day.