Melania Trump

Marginalizing Much-Maligned Melania

Michelle Malkin, National Review

Trump, like so many prominent GOP women before her, will continue to be snubbed, humiliated, and demonized by narrative-control freaks because women on the right threaten the cultural hegemony of the Left. Black or white, rich or poor, centrist or “far right,” native-born or naturalized, Republican mothers, wives, and daughters must be otherized and forced to stay in media-manufactured lanes. When leftists can’t win on their ideas, they resort to marginalizing the messengers of ideology they abhor — and their mates. It’s not an attractive look.

Send A Get Well Card To Melania Trump

Trump haters couldn't resist attacking the President even as his wife was recovering from surgery. Imagine the outrage if someone had said the same thing about Mrs. Obama? Please click this link to join us in sending get well wishes to Mrs. Trump by signing our CHQ “Get Well Soon Melania” card.

The culture war comes for Dr. Seuss

Becket Adams, Washington Examiner

The war between red and blue has indeed taken a turn for the absurd, and things are going to get worse as combatants on both sides become increasingly willing to dive headfirst into ludicrous shows of allegiance. The most recent example of this sort of degrading behavior comes from Cambridge, Mass., where an elementary school librarian rejected a donation of children's books this week from first lady Melania Trump.

Trump and Putin Finally Meet: Is Reconciliation in the Air?

Washington needs to restore a working relationship with Moscow on multiple issues. That doesn’t mean trusting Vladimir Putin. It does mean making policy in accord with the way the world is, not the way we wish it was.