Joe Biden would be found guilty of rape under the Title IX standard he supports

Editors, Washington Examiner

It is bad enough ordinary Democrats and the Left try to have it both ways on the issue of the sexual assault accusation against Biden. After so much feigned concern for victims, they are reduced to dishonest special pleading. They demand the world unquestioningly believe all women who accuse Republicans of misconduct and reflexively disbelieve women who accuse Democrats. If not for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all. But Biden’s personal conduct is even more disgraceful, a case of stark personal hypocrisy. Should the voters treat Biden fairly? Or should they treat him as he says he'll treat others?

Pelosi Redefines Hypocrisy and Destroys #MeToo for… Biden?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

We need a replacement word for hypocrisy when it reaches the Pelosi level of extreme dissimulation for political ends. But what of the unintended consequences of the hypocrisy-spin-lies (whatever you wish to call it) of Pelosi and others in her party aided and abetted by the media? Some say it has put #MeToo in rigor mortis. But the other unintended victim is something more significant—feminism. We have gone from “Sisterhood is powerful!” to “Screw you, sister!” in a heartbeat, thanks to the first female Speaker of the House. If #MeToo and feminism itself can be thrown over for Joe Biden, then anything’s possible.

Joe Biden exposes the fraud of the #MeToo movement

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The #MeToo movement has been a cynical political charade. Politics wins out when the accused is a Democrat. The woman is suddenly expendable. For the party and these activist liberals, women are a commodity. Whether or not a woman will be taken seriously by #MeToo activists depends on whether or not they can imagine it. Got it. The Daily Caller Foundation spoke to Ms. Reade about the silence about her alleged experience from women’s groups: “She asked, ” ‘Emily’s List, where are you? Gloria Steinem? Where are you? Where are these people?’ “ Where are they? Busy hammering the final nail in the #MeToo movement coffin.

Voters Beware: Tara Reade Reveals the Shameful and the Shameless

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

The behavior of the Democrats, and of their enablers in the media, is both shameless and shameful. But those tempted to dismiss it as business-as-usual political hypocrisy should think again. It is something darker and more cynical. It is sometimes said that if the Democrats didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all. But the present case goes beyond that low standard. These people were willing to crucify Brett Kavanaugh for the sin of being from the wrong party. The silver lining in this shameless-shameful episode is that it has revealed, if but momentarily, the utterly brutish nature of the Democratic establishment. Let the voters beware.

Biden Should Drop Out or Take a Lie Detector Test

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The Tara Reade incident, despite the media coverup, can no longer be ignored. Now even the #MeToo crowd is going to have log in. This is a prospective nightmare for the Democrats. He must disprove it, but how? He’s unlikely to win if he doesn’t, and even if he does, carrying such an accusation into the presidency potentially undermines everything he does and our country with it. A lie detector test, unreliable as that may be, is a possible solution. Both Joe and Tara should take one. Of course, this presents a danger for Biden: Joe doesn’t have a particular reputation for honesty. America, we are in uncharted waters. First the CCP virus, now this.

Can Al Franken be rehabilitated?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The New Yorker has published a long article suggesting Franken was "railroaded" (author Jane Mayer's word) and reporting that several of Franken's old Senate colleagues now regret calling for him to resign. Nobody really checked out any of the allegations in November and December 2017. They dispensed with even a hint of due process (in this case, an Ethics Committee investigation) and hustled Franken out the door. It doesn't matter -- Franken won't be back. Judging from reaction to the New Yorker story, he is unlikely to regain the support he once had in the progressive world — no matter how hard some might try to rehabilitate him.

50 years ago, a young woman—and a presidential candidacy—died

50 years ago, on July 19 or 20, Mary Jo Kopechne died in a submerged car. There was no “me too” movement 50 years ago.  Americans were not as aware as we are today, in the Epstein era, of the pervasive moral corruption of their elites.  So her killer, Democrat Senator Edward Kennedy,  went on to a long career in the D.C. Swamp, being hailed by fellow Democrats as “the lion of the Senate.”

E. Jean Carroll, Donald Trump, and a rape accusation from an earlier era

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The alleged incident took place more than 20 years ago. Carroll remained silent as Trump, already famous at the time of the alleged incident, became a TV star in the 2000s, flirted with politics, and then ran for president beginning in 2015. Carroll remained silent as the #MeToo movement, spurred by allegations of rape and sexual assault against some of the very men she features in "The Most Hideous Men in NYC Walking Tour," got its start. She spoke out only when she had a book to promote. So in the end, the E. Jean Carroll story will likely join a long list of contentious issues that Trump supporters and adversaries fight over and never, ever settle.

Media Curiously Incurious About MLK Story

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

American journalists, who normally salivate over throwing mud on historical figures and find themselves in hysteria mode over the sexual conduct of comedians, producers, anchormen, and those far lower on the totem pole than King, balk at reporting on the finds of a writer to whom they once awarded a Pulitzer. #ThemToo. Apart from King emerging as a secular saint posthumously, making unflattering truths a sort of blasphemy, the allegations put off because they strike as so off putting. Nobody, perhaps least of all Garrow — a member of the Democratic Socialists of America — wants to write something nasty about a man responsible for so much good.

No Heroes Left: The MLK Revelations

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

The disturbing revelations of MLK's sexual past were more than that for me. I spent the summer of 1966 as a civil rights worker in Sumter, South Carolina, living in a rooming house owned by MLK's cousin, the local mortician. I never met King personally, although I met several family members and saw him speak twice. He was certainly a hero to me then, probably more than anyone in our history, sad as that is to think now. He still is for what he believed then and did then, but not for what he was. Maybe I should leave it there. It's the old Shakespearean dichotomy between the doer and the deed.

Sorry, Biden. America Doesn’t Want a #MeToo President

Betsy McCaughey, The American Spectator

One of the biggest differences between Republican and Democratic pols right now is their attitudes about #MeToo. Republicans value time-honored principles like due process and the presumption of innocence. Democrats have no patience for it. If an accusation happens to you, know that most of the Democrats running for president, including Joe Biden, won’t have your back. Sexual harassment is a grave matter, and accusations need to be taken seriously. But both the accused and the accuser deserve fairness. Sadly, that’s not on the Democratic Party agenda.

Breaking - Accuser Recants - Democrat Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Accused Of Sexual Assault

BREAKING: The accuser has recanted charges that would have been a serious blow to rising Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s carefully crafted image as a paragon of modern homosexual domesticity. The a 21-year old man, Hunter Kelly, now claims he never accused Buttigieg of sexually assaulting him earlier this year and the whole thing is a case of identity theft.

Scenes From the Ruling Class, Schneiderman Style

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

It remains revealing how close Schneiderman came to getting away it. He was an anti-Trump zealot, for whom crusading against “corruption” (which in the end is just virtue-signaling blather) was as much a form of instant gratification as his boozing, pill-popping, and rough sex. Schneiderman’s demise has an accidental quality to it, similar to the avalanche that submerged Bill Cosby, set in motion by a stand-up comic. Had Schneiderman dated Gloria Steinem, who knows what would have happened? He would probably still be in power, waiting in a MSNBC green room to appear for a segment on Trump’s lack of morals.