Mike Pompeo

100 Days of Trump: At long last, conservatives reach the promised land on immigration

Donald Trump gets his general to lead the war against illegal immigration, and his wall, too. Plus, #NeverTrump “conservative” Evan McMullin invites the left to join him in opposing President Trump, and, Democrats and the media melting down over Trump’s call to investigate voter fraud.

Transition to Trump: History will mark today as the day America became great again

No one knows how successful Donald Trump will be in “Making America Great Again” but we can be very sure he’ll give it his best shot. Plus, As Trump takes office, plans are already in place to slice the size of the federal government, and, Trump won’t let the Democrats’ stonewalling of cabinet nominees stop him from making change right away.

Transition to Trump: The prospect of change in 2017 makes it a very happy new year

It’s very hard to predict what government will look like at the end of 2017, but one thing’s for sure – it will be different than it is today. Plus, Trump sends out markers that the press’s Obama honeymoon is over, and, Half the public is skeptical of Trump’s abilities, but his congressional outreach will improve his numbers.