New Hampshire primary

Ted Cruz Is The Only Candidate for President Conservatives Can Trust

As the results in Nevada and South Carolina show, Donald Trump has done a great job of tearing down his opponents in the Republican Primaries, but that is not enough to win in November.

Did New Hampshire Knockout Christie and Kasich?

With the Republican nominating process moving on from two small states where a presidential candidate can conduct a retail campaign like he is running for county sheriff to a national multi-state stage, the perverse result of the New Hampshire Primary is that it likely spells the end of the line for the two candidates who worked the state the hardest – John Kasich and Chris Christie.

After New Hampshire, we could have mud

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

If no one really stands out today, candidates we all expected to drop out will have no reason to drop out. Bush could stay, Kasich could stay, Fiorina could stay, and Christie could stay. The consolidation everyone hoped could redraw battle lines and constituencies may then wait for South Carolina or into March.

Debate leads to scrambled New Hampshire finish for GOP

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

The race for second and third is now a competition of as many as five candidates. There's a case to make for those top spots for Rubio, but also for Ohio Gov. John Kasich; former Florida Jeb Bush; and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who won the Iowa caucuses on Feb. 1.

Snow will impact New Hampshire turnout

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

It was forecast to snow Tuesday, a few inches. And as New England weather is wont to do, the storm blew up early. It went from a few inches to over a foot in Boston and north, and from Tuesday to Monday straight through Tuesday. Lower turnout plays against the operations with the weakest ground game, and plays to the campaign with the strongest. That hurts Trump and helps Cruz and Christie. It could be a real barn burner today.

New Hampshire: The Establishment Enters the Thunderdome

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

With Trump and Cruz having locked up two of the post-New Hampshire tickets, this leaves Jeb, Kasich, and Christie on the outside looking in, fighting with Rubio for the last remaining feasible spot in the race coming out of New Hampshire. In order to have a reasonable chance of taking Rubio’s spot, it should go without saying that the very least they must accomplish is to defeat Rubio.

Bush, Rubio and Kasich: The Establishment’s Whack-a-Mole Candidates

They rise and fall through the ups and downs of the media cycle, mechanically mouth the same positions that are at odds with the views of the Republican Party’s conservative grassroots base and are eventually whacked back down below ground level when conservatives understand they hold the same views on immigration, amnesty for illegal aliens and Common Core as do Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Is Donald Trump Samson Or Delilah?

The notion of pulling the enemy’s temple down upon their heads is a seductive idea deeply embedded in our culture through the Biblical story of Samson, told in the Book of Judges. But is Donald Trump Samson or Delilah?