New York City

De Blasio’s performance grows worse by the day, making NYC unlivable

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

New York has had its share of corrupt and incompetent mayors, but never has it had both of those and also a lazy bum. These are extraordinary times and there is a real risk de Blasio is digging the city’s grave. With mobs assaulting the foundations of our republic and terrifying otherwise-sensible people into silence or assent, the police are declared Public Enemy No. 1 — and de Blasio joins the Amen corner. He no longer defends the NYPD, and one by one, the anti-crime programs that made New York miraculously safe are being thrown out with the trash. The collapse is happening under the worst mayor ever.

It Happened in New York

Rich Lowry, National Review

The simplistic shots at President Trump, who indeed should have taken the virus more seriously at the outset, don’t work. He’s the president of New York, but also of other large, international cities that have escaped New York’s fate. Has his leadership been better in those places, or do divergent conditions and local decisions account for the better outcomes? None of this, of course, is to disparage New Yorkers. They have absorbed a gut punch over the past two months with characteristic grit and bravery. Yet, without New York’s distinctive vulnerability, the course of the epidemic would look completely different.

Irrational Christophobes Attack Chick-fil-A

Bill Donohue, CNS News

The left has only one god: power. That is what defines it. To the extent that Chick-fil-A inspires people to adopt its values, it is a threat to radical secularists. Moreover, survey data have repeatedly shown that a very large portion of the "nones," those who answer "none" when asked about their religious affiliation, are on the left. They see Christian activists as a threat. Jews are too secular to begin with, and Muslims are too small to matter. So they focus on Christians.

Despicable Anti-Gillespie Ad Backfires After NYC Truck Attack

After an Uzbek Muslim, who apparently entered the United States on a so-called “diversity visa,” ran over and killed at least eight innocent New Yorkers the Latino Victory Fund pulled their sickening ad that featured an Ed Gillespie supporter attempting to run down minority children with a pick-up truck.

Why Not Make Sanctuary Cities Pay For The Border Wall?

According to our friends at “sanctuary cities” extort almost $27 billion from American taxpayers to pursue their unconstitutional scheme to nullify the immigration laws passed by Congress. Withholding federal funds from just two of them would more than pay for the wall in just one year, and the rest would be gravy for the taxpayers of jurisdictions whose elected officials follow the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress.

Cutting Counterterrorism, Increasing “Clean Tech” Cronyism

New York's intensely partisan Democratic Senator Charles Schumer claims "New York City remains terror target number one," yet Obama has cut a major counterterrorism program by $300 million and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is dismantling the New York Police Department's counterterrorism operations against radical Islam.