North Dakota

Washington Post Writer: Killing Down Syndrome People OK

Pro-abortion advocates, such as Ruth Marcus, claim they are standing up for the rights of American women. The reality is what they are advocating is a new wave of eugenics through which those who can, through pre-natal genetic testing, be determined to have Down syndrome or who are otherwise deemed undesirable are hunted down and killed.

Is Trump About to Lose His Fourth State in a Row?

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

Based on past experience, Cruz will likely overperform the polls and Trump will likely underperform them, which means that Trump might be lucky to escape Wisconsin with a handful of delegates from a Congressional district or two.

Ted Cruz Had a Really Tremendous Weekend Headed Toward Wisconsin

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

In Colorado, Cruz began picking up lots of delegates. The process in Colorado is a bit convoluted and carries over into this coming weekend. But so far, Cruz is winning the delegates in Colorado. That bodes well for keeping Trump under 1,237 at the convention. While Colorado was playing out, in North Dakota, Cruz swept up almost all the delegates.

Incompetent Donald Trump Campaign Appears To Have Zero Delegates From North Dakota

streiff, RedState

In a state where the Trump campaign had been hooting about their dominance, the Trump campaign seems to have come away without a single delegate. None of these delegates are bound but what is for certain is that Trump has more likely than not been shut completely out in the North Dakota delegate hunt.