Who cares if Donald Trump is ‘presidential’, as long as he’s successful?

Roger Kimball, The Spectator

Donald Trump is unlike any president before him. But I begin to wonder to what extent his style is an essential ingredient of his success. Even now, eighteen months into his first term, his brashness has the capacity to astonish and alarm. Donald Trump acts in ways that shock, unsettle, and upset the proctors of presidential protocol. But his boldness is not merely a matter of style. He is challenging the whole post-war world order and the sclerotic bureaucracy, domestic as well as international, that has grown up to tend and nourish it.

The state of President Trump

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

President Trump’s first State of the Union address set a new standard. For himself. If he lives up to that standard in future speeches, he may go far in changing his image from a blustering, ad-libbing “entertainer,” to someone who looks and sounds, shall I say it, more “presidential.” If he maintains the discipline he demonstrated Monday, Mr. Trump’s approval ratings and his chances of getting some of his agenda passed in Congress may quickly improve.

The Viguerie Take On The Trump -- Clinton Debate

For those voters who want to change our country's leadership Trump helped them feel that he was an acceptable alternative. Trump did last night what Reagan did in 1980 for those undecided voters --he showed he was an acceptable alternative.

Trump rejects new adviser’s push to make him ‘presidential’

Kenneth P. Vogel and Eli Stokols, Politico

Donald Trump is bristling at efforts to implement a more conventional presidential campaign strategy, and has expressed misgivings about the political guru behind them, Paul Manafort, for overstepping his bounds, multiple sources close to the campaign tell POLITICO.