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The New York Times Belatedly Discovers The Deep State

We hope the publication of the anonymous op-ed in The New York Times galvanizes the President to cull out those establishment Republican hacks, Democrats and Deep State operatives who have been slow walking his policies, but until he puts someone who shares his agenda in charge of White House Personnel that is unlikely to happen.

Trump’s Character and Trump’s Presidency

David Horowitz, American Greatness

Has Trump kept his promises to his supporters? Has he stayed the course he set for himself of making America great again? That loyalty is the character trait that matters most in a leader, and should matter most in any assessment of Trump. He has taken great personal risks and incurred great personal costs. His reputation for example, was pretty good before he ran against Democrats and their media, who fueled an epidemic of hate portraying him as a racist and neo-Nazi. Who would have had the fortitude to stay the course, and keep his promises?

The “Enemy Of The People” Media Were On The Wrong Side In The Revolution

It’s not their criticism of Donald Trump that has made many in the establishment media “the enemy of the people.” They earned the title by embracing progressive narratives on lopsided trade policies, open borders, the admission to our country of millions of unvetted “refugees," big government subsidies for special interests and other policies rejected in the 2016 Trump revolution.

Trump hides good things from view

Editors, Washington Examiner

Republicans today have little chance to evangelize for their cause because every question they get is about a pornographic actress or a crude and brutal tweet. If Trump can’t find a way to tone it down, neither he nor his ideas will get credit, no matter how excellent the results he achieves. The benefits of his and the GOP’s government will be felt under a Democratic Congress, and voters will carry that message to November 2020.