presidential debates

Debates Will Be Biden’s Undoing

David Catron, The American Spectator

Voter expectations involving presidential debates will force Biden’s campaign to sail between Scylla and Charybdis. If he tries to avoid them, he will be sucked into a maelstrom of ever-increasing speculation about cognitive decline and fitness to serve. If Biden is allowed to stand on the debate stage with the president, he will be eaten alive by the many-headed man-eater that Trump becomes in such venues, a beast that has already devoured more than a dozen GOP primary opponents as well as Hillary Clinton. No matter what the former VP does, the debates will be his undoing.

The 'debate about the debates' was created by Democrats

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

There’s a debate raging right now about the presidential debates: Will they happen this time around? Without further ado: The debates will happen. They always have. They will this time, too. But that’s never the point in the silly city that is Washington, D.C. What’s important is the kabuki theater that underlies every issue. It’s not the doing, it’s the talking. And talking. And talking. Facts don’t matter, everything becomes a debate about the debate. So now there’s literally a debate about the debates. It’s been liberals pushing against the idea that Biden should show up for the debates.

Cancel the debates? Really?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Simply put, some Democrats do not want debates because they do not think Biden will win them. The former vice president did not do particularly well in the Democratic primary debates. Still, Biden did not dodge those debates; he took part in 11 high-pressure faceoffs between June 2019 and March 2020. Even though he was shaky at times, there's no reason he should not take the stage with Trump. And even if he were not up to the job, Biden is the Democratic nominee, and the Democratic nominee will have to debate the Republican nominee. The real issue is Biden is doing very well in the polls.