Stacey Abrams: Still Sowing Discord in Georgia

David Catron, The American Spectator

It goes without saying that the legacy media are mimicking Abrams’ mendacious claims about voter suppression and the desperate need for vote-by-mail. In addition, they have concocted their own fictions about the “chaos” that allegedly characterized Georgia’s primary. The chattering class is no more credible on this than it was with its portentous predictions about the carnage that would result when Georgia lifted its coronavirus restrictions. Their real problem Georgia's governor is Brian Kemp rather than Stacey Abrams—which means elections will be decided by arithmetic rather than demagoguery.

Sen. Bob Corker could face conservative primary challenger

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

Conservative activists in Tennessee are unhappy with Sen. Bob Corker and prepared to put their money and manpower behind a strong Republican primary challenger if one emerges. Corker is an enigma of sorts. The wealthy former real estate developer and ex-mayor of Chattanooga often votes as a moderate even though Tennessee has evolved into a solid Republican state — and solidly for Trump at that — where the primary should be the senator's only concern and the general election should be a cakewalk.

Indiana Trump and Cruz Voters Agree: Marlin Stutzman for Senate

The open Senate seat in Indiana is one where the two leading candidates present a stark choice between Marlin Stutzman, the principled limited government constitutional conservative and Todd Young, the Big Government – Big Business Mitch McConnell yes-man. We urge our friends in Indiana to vote Marlin Stutzman for Senate in tomorrow’s Indiana Republican primary.

Poll: Cruz cuts into Trump's South Carolina lead

Tristan Lejeune, The Hill

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll released Friday finds Donald Trump leading the GOP presidential field by only 5 points in South Carolina, down from 16 points a month ago. Friday’s survey reports Trump has 28 percent support among likely Republican voters, down from 36 percent in January. Nearest rival Sen. Ted Cruz gets 23 percent, up from 20 last month.

When GOP Ignores Grassroots It Loses

Republican House members who hold town hall meetings know very well who is opposed to the Gang of Eight immigration bill. It is the grassroots limited-government constitutional conservative voters who actually show-up and vote in Republican primaries, and, as the GOP wipe-outs of 2006 and 2008 showed (and the Tea Party wave of 2010 proved), Republican politicians ignore those voters at their peril.

Another Schumer Repub Comes Out

Daniel Horowitz, Red State

Sen. Kelly Ayotte promised to oppose amnesty, and now she’s switched over to the dark side.

Chris Christie: “Selfish Jerk”

Christopher Bedford, The Daily Caller

How many selfish things can Christie do to ruin America for his own benefit? Let’s count the ways.