Can The Democrats Beat Trump With A Campaign Of Lies?

We agree with Rep. Gabbard that, in a field of noted prevaricators, Sen. Kamala Harris stands out as perhaps the biggest liar, but the fact of the matter is the Democratic Party’s entire campaign against President Trump is based on lies.

I Have Some Questions About The Democrats’ Reparations Plan

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

What will resolve the racial divisions in this country is not a cash transfer but – and you liberals are going to hate this manifestly true statement of fact – a return to the Judeo-Christian values and principles of our Constitution that recognize the worth and dignity of each individual based upon his or her character, as well as a total repudiation of the racial hucksterism that is destroying our culture. It’s the race hucksters who owe all of us reparations – but I don’t want their money. I just want them to stop destroying my country.