reverse racism

James Woods Challenges Eric Holder: Prove You're Not a Real Racial Coward

Matthew Burke, Tea Party News Network

AG Eric Holder said in '09 that ‘when it comes to racism, America is a nation of cowards.’ Conservative actor James Woods tweeted: "This is a direct challenge to Eric Holder: Are you, Sir, going to Memphis, TN to address the Kroger racial hate crime?

Black Writer: Impeach Obama!

Sylvia Thompson,

Thompson agrees that an Obama impeachment is very much in order, but she believes the current crop of political "leaders" are not courageous enough to complete such an arduous task. "What is most galling is the indisputable fact that any white man displaying similar behavior would have been impeached by now and probably serving prison time."

White Boy Beaten By Blacks; Sharpton Mute

Todd Starnes, Daily Caller

A white boy was beaten badly by black boys for informing authorities that the boys tried to sell him drugs. Where are Sharpton and Jackson?

Zimmerman Should've Never Been Tried

Patrick J. Buchanan, Human Events

We've just seen the prosecution of an innocent man for murder because the politically powerful demanded it.