‘Shots Fired! Shots Fired!’

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

How quickly and unexpectedly a law enforcement officer’s job can go from routine to life-or-death. The mobs carrying protest signs, hurling bricks at cops, smashing windows, and looting stores are being manipulated by distorted media coverage. If these rioting mobs would just stay home and watch Police Activity videos on YouTube, they’d get a more realistic picture of what cops face every day. It’s a tough job, being a cop. Maybe the media, the protest mobs, and the politicians ought to express some gratitude toward the men who do that job.

Rioting anarchists are seditionists, not protesters

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

It is clear there are forces that wish to destroy not only the presidency of Donald Trump and prevent his reelection, but who hate the country. These protesters, who appear to be mostly spoiled, mostly white and mostly young, have likely been radicalized in their universities and on social media. They are destroyers, not builders. Elected leaders who refuse to stop them are as guilty of abetting a crime as the driver of the getaway car after a bank robbery. The president is right to put a stop to this just as he would be right to order the military to oppose an outside enemy seeking to destroy the nation.

10 Rules for Postmodern Rioting

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

The peaceful protests against the terrible brutalization and death of George Floyd soon either themselves turned violent or, in many cases, were hijacked by Antifa operatives and opportunistic looters or both. It was certainly not as alleged a “small number” who destroyed swaths of New York, Santa Monica, Minneapolis, or Philadelphia. After watching hours of such footage of mayhem and destruction, one can glean a few rules that the rioters apparently followed quite religiously. And they are often disconcerting if not bizarre. Here are 10. Selfies. Masks. Race. Staples. Class. The Children. Because...Reasons. Media. Stuff Happens. Mixed-up Messaging.

Laws against rioting and terrorism must be enforced against Antifa and other violent radicals

Andrew McCarthy, Fox News

Our existing laws, at the federal and state levels are more than adequate to the task of dealing with terrorism and seditionist violence. The Justice Department and the FBI are highly experienced and adept in this area. The rule of law must assert itself. Justice must be done, which means bringing anti-American domestic terrorists to heel. Rioters can and will do immense damage if, as some foolishly suggest, we wait for them to exhaust themselves. The failure to confront radicals only increases their energy and appetite to do harm. Order does not happen spontaneously. It takes commitment at all levels to enforce the laws.