Peter Wood on the Vandalism of Civilization

Dr. Peter Wood is one of a small but brave band of academics who have the integrity to criticize the role of college and university faculty members and administrators in encouraging “the wreckage of the public square” as he put it. We urge CHQ readers and friends to call upon their colleges and universities, especially publicly funded institutions, to do their part in restoring the principles of respect for the common good and to oppose the wreckage of the public square.

Segregation: It’s Bad and It’s Back

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

While the original segregation was an extension of slavery and other evil and horrific traditions, this new segregation comes from a form of tribalism that is almost as noxious and primitive and possibly more enduring. It is an alliance of the black separatists of the Black Lives Matter movement with the social justice warriors of our college campuses that now have infected just about every other aspect of our culture. Segregation is the handmaiden of racism. It makes it go. Keep the races apart and keep them hating each other. “Black power advocates and SJWs together, we have overcome.”

This Leftist Tantrum Is an Information Operation and Trump Is Winning It

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Right now, the American people are seeing chaos. But chaos does not necessarily play against Trump. Do you think this is all helping the Dems? If you do, stop watching MSNBCNN. Except among Hollywood jerks, urban hipsters and whiny woke wine women from Westchester, the attack on order means “Advantage: Trump.” You can see the results if you look behind the media curtain. Trump is winning this information battle. Conservative Americans – and moderate Americans who want law and order – can’t wait to vote against defunding the police, rioting and appeasement. The Silent Majority is being roused again.

As The Far Left Attacks Them We Say Defend the Police, Don't Defund the Police

If you wish to fight this organized Far Left assault on law and order we suggest you contact your local government officials and urge them to defend the police, not defund the police. One of the easiest and best ways to contact your local elected officials is through ACT for America’s website to send an email letting them know that you stand 100 percent with your local police officers and do not want to see any budget cuts to your local police department.

You can’t rally. We can riot

Stephen L. Miller, Spectator USA

These people want you to believe that this pandemic is caused by some magical woke virus, one which somehow skips those who have the right politics. What it actually does is raise the suspicion that Democrats and progressives have wanted to keep the economy shut down and people at home as long as possible to affect the outcome of the November election. Your job and your family or your church (also protected by the First Amendment) are not important. Our joining in large crowds to protest is. Democrats enthusiastically encouraged the world to disregard lockdown and people will now follow their lead.

The High Price of Forgetting

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

On his “verified” Twitter account, Sharpton posted video of himself boarding a private jet en route to Texas for George Floyd’s “final memorial service.” At that memorial, Sharpton invoked scripture (cf., I Peter 2, Psalm 118, and Isaiah 28) to declare that God had chosen Floyd as “the cornerstone of a movement that’s going to change the whole wide world.” What sort of movement is this, and what sort of change does the race-baiting, Jew-hating “Reverend” intend to achieve? Shouldn’t we expect any Sharpton movement to produce deadly hatred like that on display at Freddy's Fashion Mart in 1995?

The liberal media's deadly art of racial hatred and keeping America divided

Robert Knight, Washington Times

Prejudice doesn’t go away overnight, and black crime fuels it. But it’s wrong and even murderous to stir up racial hatred to keep us divided and deny all the good. Blacks are far likelier to be crime victims, too, which is why the insane demand by Democrats to reduce police budgets or disband police departments (Minneapolis) will leave more law-abiding blacks to the tender mercies of criminals. The overt lie is that BLM is a “civil rights group.” No, it’s not. Funded by the likes of George Soros, BLM promotes a communist, “queer,” anti-Christian and anti-Semitic revolution to transform America.

Democrats Run Cities Where Cops Kill Blacks

A group, led by some of America's most prominent African-American conservatives, has addressed a letter to President Trump and Congress pointing out that in the wake of George Floyd’s unjustified death, well-organized agitators and Democrat politicians have weaponized Mr. Floyd’s death to demonize law enforcement, President Trump, and conservatives in general, by conveniently hiding the fact that the Minneapolis city council and mayor—along with the district’s congresswoman, both senators, and the Minnesota governor—are all Democrats with a decidedly anti-American agenda.

Why Can’t Democrats Run A Competent Police Force?

Democrat-run big cities -- New York, Baltimore, Chicago, and Minneapolis are notable cases -- that continue to struggle with relations between the police and minority communities; in some cases, those relations have even regressed. The media rarely acknowledge this monumental failing of the Democratic Party, and it seems to evoke little self-reflection among urban Democrats themselves, because it is much easier to blame Donald Trump and imaginary systemic racism than it is to train and manage a competent police force.

Assault on America, Day 531: Once beautiful Pacific Northwest now capital to nihilists & thugs

Seattle may be the latest example of a once proud American city that’s become ungovernable and unlivable, but it won’t be the last unless political leaders stand up and put an end to the nonsense. Survey after survey shows citizens want a much stronger law enforcement presence. Are “autonomous zones” here to stay?

Will Churchill's Statue Be Next to Fall?

Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators

The systematic dishonoring and disgracing of men once revered has only just begun. How far is this going? Many Americans, view the history of the European exploration, the colonization of the New World, and the creation of Western empires not with pride but with shame and guilt. And they want to make expiation by canceling out all the honors accorded such men, be it in statues or the names of cities, towns, parks and streets. And their numbers and militancy are growing. The left has the bit in its teeth and is dragging the panicked elites along. How this ends without permanent division escapes me.

Conservative Leaders: Justice, Not Chaos

Over 100 conservative leaders representing millions of grassroots conservatives nationwide have released a “memo to the movement” decrying the violence in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and urging state, local and national authorities to respect peaceful protests while acting with alacrity to restore law and order when individuals and organizations turn to violence and use Mr. Floyd’s death to pursue an agenda of social conflict and destruction.

Why We’re In the Mess We’re In

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The real cause, shall we say the uber-cause, is what I call Sixties Envy—and I, a card-burning member of that generation, am among those responsible. Mea culpa, and then some. But there is a difference. At least back in the sixties and seventies there was something to protest about. The Vietnam War, like it or not, was real. What’s going on now is not. What strikes me as a possibility is these are the very people who stood aside during the sixties, who didn’t participate and looked on with envy at all the goings on. They are now getting their chance. They have Sixties Envy just as BLM and Antifa do.

Democrat Campaign To Delegitimize 2020 Election Intensifies

"The only way Trump can win is if he cheats" and "the military will have to pry him out of the White House" are two key information warfare themes that Democrats and their Far Left allies have been pushing hard since the election season started in earnest and they see them as key elements of their strategy to get the 2020 election into what we call “the margin of chaos.”

Nigel Farage Is Right, Of Course BLM Is Like The Taliban

Nigel Farage, the British patriot behind the oft-postponed British exit from the European Union, had his microphone cut during an appearance on Good Morning Britain and was cut loose from his LBC Radio Show with "immediate effect" amid anger over comments he made comparing Black Lives Matter (BLM) to the Taliban, but as we explain in this article, Mr. Farage is right.

Lessons From Antifa’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone

Communist thugs of Antifa have declared a six-block area of Seattle to be “autonomous” with signs on barricades that read: “You are now leaving the USA.”  Those not infected with Leftwing insanity should recognize this occupation for what it is – another probing movement in the counter-state’s campaign to delegitimize the government of the United States of America.

The Left's Coming War on Cops

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

For every large urban police force has daily encounters with black male criminals, who commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes. Some will end with dead cops, and the others with dead criminals. President Donald Trump has taken his stand with the police. It is Joe Biden who has the problem. For while Democratic mayors are unlikely to join a campaign to abolish their police forces, Biden is going to have to tell his Bernie Bro and socialist constituents that their ideas for getting rid of police departments are ridiculous. Monday, Joe made a start. He said that defunding cops is off the table.

The Clear Differences Between the Left and the Right

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

The crisis of the economic lockdown and now the violent protests in the streets have unleashed a depression-level financial crisis and unprecedented human suffering—especially in our inner cities. These events have also exposed a huge chasm that now separates how the left and the right see America today. To wit: No. 1: The right believes that stay-at-home orders and social distancing requirements are counterproductive and should be repealed safely and immediately. The left believes that those orders must stay in place but should only apply to those on the right, not to liberal protesters... (Ten more)

Ted Cruz: Democrat calls to defund the police are asinine

Senator Ted Cruz was right, “Democrats’ calls to defund or disband the police are asinine and would end up killing many Americans if enacted.” We urge CHQ readers and friends to call their local city officials to demand that they increase their community’s law enforcement budget and that their local leaders recognize that calls to defund the police are another step in the long march to fundamentally change America into a socialist oligarchy.

How the liberal media and 'Looting Party' cultivates racism and hate in America

Robert Knight, Washington Times

The truly divisive people are those who are obsessed with race and focus on it relentlessly in order to, you know, get rid of racism. Think about what this does to children, who start out colorblind. It turns them into racists. The more that we divide people by race, the harder it is to just get along. It’s especially hard when the media, the schools and corporate America preach constantly about our country’s shortcomings and their contrasting goodness. One of the worst lies we’re told is how cops have it in for blacks. While there are undeniably racist cops out there, the stats don’t back up systemic police racism.