Russiagate dead-enders try for comeback

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Democrats are trying to convince Americans that Trump was really guilty, that collusion was really a thing, and that law enforcement and journalists were right to obsess about Russiagate for three years. The Trump-Russia affair was about one big allegation--that the Trump campaign and Russia conspired to fix the 2016 election. There was a huge investigation. It could never establish that the crime even took place, much less who might have committed it. Every other problem Mueller and Democrats faced stemmed from that one failure. Trump's defense team knew from day one.

‘No Justice! No Peace!’—On Russiagate, the Right May Have to Steal From the Left

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

No justice for whom? What about the tens of millions who voted for Trump? How about people who don’t want American presidential elections turned into a frame-up and then their elected president hounded constantly from well before he takes office until he’s pushed out the door? Maybe we should steal a march from the left and for once throw away our scruples and politesse and do what they do—take to the streets and hold up society, force it to turn our way, with violence if necessary. Well, scratch the violence—that’s their way. We should chant “No Justice! No Peace!”

After More Than 2,000 Minutes of Coverage...Russiagate Conveniently Vanishes

Tim Graham, CNS News

The ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts devoted 2,202 minutes of coverage to the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory from Jan. 21, 2017 to Feb. 10, 2019. When the Senate Intelligence Committee announced on Feb. 12, 2019 that there was no collusion? There was zero coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC. The short answer for that? Politics. A politicized "air of criminality" still wafts over President Trump's administration, thanks to the "objective" media. But they offer no apologies, no retractions, no admissions of fault on the overall Russia mess. Their drumbeat of collusion "news" turned out to be..."fake news."

In Praise Of Catherine Herridge

Where were the opposing voices in the breathless CBS News “reporting” on the Russiagate hoax? Nowhere to be found of course, because the totally false Trump – Russian collusion was the narrative that Democrats and their Deep State allies wanted to establish as the “truth.” In our view busting that narrative was Catherine Herridge’s real sin in the eyes of her liberal media colleagues at CBS and elsewhere.

Declassifications Show Durham Is Democrats’ Worst Nightmare

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Let’s hope the CCP virus is no longer too heavily with us this summer because America is going to need its full attention, or what’s left of it, for what’s coming down the pike—the Durham Report and all that entails. The Chinese communists apparently fudged the data on the CCP virus, commonly called the novel coronavirus, and lied about it, but what is becoming clear is that our FBI, at least part of it, is or was not all that much better. Who among the Democrats will have the courage to stand up against this? I am sad to say that I am skeptical that any will. The results, where it might lead, might be too devastating for them to handle.

In Ukraine matter, Democrats apply Russiagate lesson: Strike fast, don't wait to find out what happened

Byron York, Washington Examiner

A fundamental fact of political investigations: They often uncover an inconclusive set of facts. Partisans can argue those facts one way or the other. Most recently, Democrats who had accused Trump of conspiring or coordinating with Russia were deeply disappointed by the release of the Mueller report. After all the media talk and all the accusations and after two years of investigating with full law enforcement powers, special counsel Robert Mueller could not establish that a conspiracy or coordination even took place. The lesson of Trump-Russia is: Move fast, don't withhold judgment. And don't want for the results a long, ponderous investigation.

Flynn Tells Schiff To Pound Sand And Read Watkins v. United States

We applaud attorney Sidney Powell for reminding Americans and Congress of the Watkins case. The Watkins case is the kind of “have you no shame Senator” case that Democrat civil libertarians used to applaud. But that Democratic Party is long dead and in its place are monsters like Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler who thrive on the abuses of power that the Watkins decision was thought to have eliminated.

We've Lost Sight Of The Real Scandal

We urge Senator Chuck Grassley, Representatives Devin Nunes and John Ratcliffe, attorney Sidney Powell and most of all Judge Emmet Sullivan to keep their eyes on the real scandal and to make sure that the two systems of justice that appear to have emerged from Russiagate do not become a permanent fixture of our justice system.

The Russiagate Scam Will Blow Up In The Democrats’ Smug Faces

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The end results are going to be a stronger Trump, weaker Democrats, and various Obama minions exploring new career opportunities in the exciting fields of license plate-making, large-to-small rock transformation, and artisanal pruno distilling.