Russian meddling

Trump's election finally has liberals taking Putin's threat seriously

Editors, Washington Examiner

As difficult as it is for many liberals to admit that Obama could be wrong about anything, they must now shrug ruefully and grimace at his once-celebrated joke about how the 1980s are calling and demanding their foreign policy back. For the 1980s are indeed calling, and they are wondering what it finally took, 30 years on, to get liberals to stop sucking up to Russian leaders.

The Special Counsel Is Looking At The Wrong Administration

The point of counterintelligence and cybersecurity is not point fingers after the enemy has executed an intelligence operation – in this case an act of information warfare – it is to prevent it from happening. However, as far as we can tell, not only did Team Obama do nothing to stop the Russians, they helped them by undermining the peaceful transfer of power to President Trump.

Is That Russian Troll Farm Really an Act of War?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

We do have evidence that a senior British spy and Trump hater, Christopher Steele, paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC to dig up dirt on Trump, colluded with Kremlin agents to produce a dossier of scurrilous and unsubstantiated charges, to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump. And the FBI used this disinformation to get FISA court warrants to surveil and wiretap the Trump campaign. Why is this conspiracy and collusion with Russians less worthy of Mueller’s attention than a troll farm in St. Petersburg?

What The FBI Should Be Investigating: The Death Of DNC Staffer Seth Rich

Diana West and Rod Wheeler have identified the two crimes that the FBI should be investigating, and they have nothing to do with Donald Trump and his successful campaign for President, and everything to do with the wrongdoing and cover-up at the Democratic National Committee.