Michael Knowles And The Crumbling Conservatism Of Fox News

Michael Knowles is unlikely to be invited back on FOX News any time soon, but Knowles was right about Greta Thunberg and the millions of children who have been rendered mentally ill by the Left’s effort to induce mass hysteria over “climate change.” Shame on FOX for caving to the Leftwing mob.

Climate Change Has Run Its Course

Steven F. Hayward, Wall Street Journal

Scientists who are genuinely worried about the potential for catastrophic climate change ought to be the most outraged at how the left politicized the issue and how the international policy community narrowed the range of acceptable responses. Treating climate change as a planet-scale problem that could be solved only by an international regulatory scheme transformed the issue into a political creed for committed believers. Causes that live by politics, die by politics.

Trump Fired Science This Week

Jon Cassidy, The American Spectator

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Board of Scientific Counselors has been decimated. Will we ever learn what lawncare is like in Idaho? Or Montana? Here’s hoping they pick a few skeptics, some folks with the opposite disposition of the trope-mongering journalists so sure there’s a war on science that they rarely bother with the details. Their credentials are almost incidental.

Climate-Change Activists Are the Real Science Deniers

Oren Cass, National Review

If the extremists from both sides become sufficiently marginalized, a reasoned policy debate might emerge about the real risks of climate change and the cost-effective responses. This would require the media to admit that their “denier” terminology has lost all meaning and to attend equally to the scientifically unsupported statements from both sides.