sex scandal

The Coming War Over Kinky Katie Hill’s Congressional Seat

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Fortunately, we have a Republican candidate in the 25th with a proven track record of being tough. He’s Mike Garcia, and he’s a Navy fighter pilot. This is no time for shenanigans or vanity candidacies. This is the time to clear the field and rally around the guy who strapped himself to jet engines and took off to drop bombs on bad people over in the sandbox. We need a warrior. This fight will make all those other special election fights we’ve won lately look as peaceful and tranquil as one of Katie Hill’s naked hair brushing sessions. This is the decisive battle, right here, in the 25th. This is where we turn it around and counterattack to take back the House.

A Cancer on the Papacy?

Patrick J. Buchanan, Townhall

The Church is going through perhaps its gravest crisis since the Reformation. "Who am I to judge?" said the pope when first pressed about the morality of homosexuality. Undeniably, Francis, and the progressive bishops who urge a new tolerance, a new understanding, a new appreciation of the benign character of homosexuality, have won the plaudits of a secular press that loathed the Church of Pius XII. Of what value all those wonderful press clippings now, as the chickens come home to roost in Vatican City?

Do not allow the Trump audio tape to distract from what is really at stake this year

As Americans, we can object to what Donald Trump said on the now infamous audio tape from 2005 without losing sight of what this year’s election is really all about -- conservative and Republican policies versus liberal Democrat policies.