Silent Majority

More Evidence That Trump’s Silent Majority Is Real

David Catron, The American Spectator

It isn’t difficult to fathom why moderates and conservatives are more reluctant to share their political views than they were in 2017. Trump’s silent majority is real, and it is much larger than it was. What should scare the pants off any sentient Democrat is the number of Latinos (65 percent) and black Americans (49 percent) who self-censor. For them, there is no risk of social ostracism for supporting Biden or any other Democrat. The only plausible reason for their reticence is support for Trump. The president is about to make history with the magnitude of his victory and, more importantly, who will vote for him.

Trump’s ‘Silent Majority’ Needs to Speak Up, Defend America

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

The Left regards Trump as an existential threat, and they are right to. The attack they mount against him will be unprecedented in ferocity and underhandedness. There is no malign expedient they will not avail themselves of, no dirty trick to which they will not stoop. Which is why the “silent majority” can no longer remain silent. Just as Trump is an existential threat to the deep state and its culture of corruption, so too that establishment is an existential threat to America as conceived by the Founders, Lincoln, Reagan, and Trump. Do you want to bow or stand up tall and proud as Americans?”

A New Silent Majority Is Coming

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

I see something else is brewing—a more positive reaction today. And a strong one. A new silent majority is about to emerge, one far more sophisticated than the old Nixonian version and more sophisticated too than the BLM/Antifa fellow travelers in the Democratic Party and media. They already have their harbingers, their heroes, the few swimming upstream against a tide seemingly as strong (for now anyway) as any Louisiana hurricane. These are the real thought leaders, folks whose courage has also “popped up” and are providing examples for those hidden in their foxholes to come out and speak up.

A Very Real Silent Majority Will Reelect Trump

David Catron, The American Spectator

Polls make it clear the silent majority want order restored. This, along with a fast economic recovery, is precisely what the president has pledged. Meanwhile, Trump’s likely general election opponent maunders about systemic racism while struggling to keep his figures straight concerning how many lives and jobs have been lost to the pandemic. Doug Schoen writes, “The political risk to Democrats is becoming associated with the riots … which would result in the party losing the White House and risking their House majority.” Democrats already own the riots, and the silent majority is counting the days to November 3.

The great silent majority may surprise Trump, Clinton and us all

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

The Republican Party is now the party of action, symbolized by its frenetic, unconventional nominee, and the Democratic Party is the passive one, embodied by its tired champion of the rejected status quo. In a change election, the choice could not be clearer.

How Donald Trump is resurrecting the ‘great silent majority’

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

Of the many smart moves Donald Trump has made during his campaign, one of the most impactful was his appropriation of Mr. Nixon’s phrase. At a campaign rally last July in Phoenix, he said, “The silent majority is back, and we’re going to take our country back.”