South Carolina primary

Biden Wins SC, Bernie Wins Cash And Polls Heading To Super Tuesday

Joe Biden goes into the Democrats' Super Tuesday primaries almost broke and with no time to turn his South Carolina win into campaign cash. Sleepy Joe may have picked up a little bounce from his South Carolina win, and Michael Bloomberg may have dumped half-a-billion dollars on TV, but it is the Far Left "woke" progressives that are driving the Democratic primaries in most states, and they are solidly in Bernie Sanders’ corner.

Biden southern win could set up regional showdown with Bernie

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The factors that led to Biden's win here all apply to other states with similar mixes of black and white voters. Looking ahead to Super Tuesday, Biden appears strong in North Carolina and has a chance to finish well in Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and possibly even Texas. If, as expected, Sanders wins California and other non-Southern states, the results of this primary, combined with Super Tuesday, could set up a regional showdown for the nomination, with a deeply divided party struggling to settle on a nominee. Biden, the South Carolina winner, will likely face, in Sanders, a candidate who won the most votes in the first three contests and then in the biggest prize of all, California.

Mayor Pete’s African American Problem

Buttigieg’s African American problem was driven home a couple of days ago by the stark numbers coming out of a Washington Post/Ipsos poll: While 48% of black voters polled backed Joe Biden, only 2% of black Democratic-leaning voters backed the former South Bend Mayor.