special election

The Coming War Over Kinky Katie Hill’s Congressional Seat

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Fortunately, we have a Republican candidate in the 25th with a proven track record of being tough. He’s Mike Garcia, and he’s a Navy fighter pilot. This is no time for shenanigans or vanity candidacies. This is the time to clear the field and rally around the guy who strapped himself to jet engines and took off to drop bombs on bad people over in the sandbox. We need a warrior. This fight will make all those other special election fights we’ve won lately look as peaceful and tranquil as one of Katie Hill’s naked hair brushing sessions. This is the decisive battle, right here, in the 25th. This is where we turn it around and counterattack to take back the House.

Laughing Our Ossoff

As President Trump put it in an Election Night tweet: Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O! All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0

Carpetbaggers Come Back To Georgia

Georgia suffered once before when carpetbaggers invaded the Peach State, and it will suffer again, should carpetbagging Democrat Jon Ossoff and his liberal Hollywood friends gain the victory in today’s Congressional District 6 special election.

Sheri Few: THE Conservative in the SC-5 Special Election

It isn’t every day that one of our friends, who is also one of the original #StopCommonCore moms, runs for Congress. So it with a special sense of urgency that we tell our conservative readers about Sheri Few, who is THE conservative candidate running in the special election to fill the vacancy created by Rep. Mick Mulvaney’s appointment to head President Trump’s Office of Management and Budget.

Christie Wins in Hardball Politics

Paul Mulshine, The Star Ledger

Mulshine is certainly no squish, and he thinks the governor handled the Senate vacancy brilliantly.

Did Christie Make a Smart Move?

Benjamin Brophy, American Spectator

Both Democrats and Republicans are ripping him for his Senate choice, but do appearances deceive?

Did Christie Have to Call a Special?

David Freddoso, Conservative Intelligence Briefing

Yes…and no. Conflicting statutes left some wiggle room, and Christie chose one interpretation.

Christie Chooses October Special

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

Christie’s call for an October special election makes GOP retention of the seat that much harder.