statue destruction

Two Miles From North America’s Oldest Elected Body, A Richmond Neighborhood Cowers In Fear

It’s two miles or so down Monument Avenue from the Virginia State Capitol building in Richmond to the Robert E. Lee Memorial.  Those who spray-painted it had all the time in the world to deface the statue, knowing the state and city government would do nothing to protect this public property. The result is a once-beautiful neighborhood now gripped in fear, stripped of its history, shorn of its tradition.

Silence and Betrayals of GOP Senate Leaders Killing America

The silence of Republican leaders has led Democratic leaders to think they’re winning the battle over the future of America. And why shouldn’t the Democrats think they can win? For the past three years the GOP’s congressional leaders hid whenever any part of Donald Trump’s conservative – populist MAGA agenda came up, avoiding any showdown with the Democrats over everything from the Wall to the revolution going on in the streets of Democrat-controlled cities.

How Senator Cory Gardner Can Revive His Flagging Campaign

Here’s our advice to Senator Gardner: Fire your Mitch McConnell endorsed consultants and get out on the campaign trail with state Rep. Patrick Neville. Go to every town in Colorado with a radio station and every city with a TV station and call a rally to “Back the Blue,” and make it clear that you will tolerate no violence from ANTIFA or BLM thugs. Tell the law-abiding citizens and voters of Colorado you stand for law and order against Hickenlooper and the Far Left New Democrats that are behind his campaign.

How To Lose Your Majority - Message To Mitch McConnell And Senate GOP

We have a simple explanation of the problem and a simple answer that will guarantee a Republican majority in the Senate: Your problem is you have spent that past three years betraying the GOP base that elected Donald Trump President, so stop betraying conservatives, get off your ass and fight for the MAGA agenda and you will win. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will lose.

Marxist mobs sweep into cities, call for defunding of police, tear down statues and create havoc

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The moment the Marxists co-opted the unity of Americans after the death of Floyd, what transpired was the unleashing of a political cancer the world is far too familiar with. Defunding the police is insane and impacts the safety of people of color and the disenfranchised who are unable to flee urban areas that are turning into dystopian hellscapes. This is no American “movement.” It’s an organized, craven political con job hoping, somehow, the ensuing misery inflicted on you and your family will compel you to vote against Republicans. Our culture are is the sacrificial lambs in the Democrats' political games.

Marxist-anarchist mobs destroy statues, trample on history and seek to remove Trump

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The rampage of violence and destruction of public property and American history is by design. If your goal is to tear down a society, you must first erase its identity, and to do that you wipe out its legacy and history. After all, how do you know how far you’ve come, or even who you are, if you’re not allowed to look back and know your history? If the standard is set that we only see our past as perpetual evil to be destroyed, then this will not end until there is nothing left. The ISIS terror group and the Taliban are the most recent examples of what happens when extremists dictate how history is handled.