Super Tuesday

Only Two Things Can Stop Trump

By Richard A. Viguerie
Ted Cruz did a good job in the debate last night, but from the perspective of my 50+ years in conservative politics at the national level, it is clear that only two things can stop Donald Trump now:  Trump himself or a united conservative movement.

Rubio notches first win but suffers setbacks on Super Tuesday

Jonathan Easley, The Hill

Marco Rubio, viewed by many as the last great hope for the Republican establishment this presidential election cycle, suffered a tough night on Super Tuesday. The Florida senator was spared the indignity of a shutout by posting a late victory in Minnesota's caucuses, but that will do little to quell questions about whether he can mount a serious challenge to Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz takes victory lap, blasts Donald Trump after Super Tuesday wins

Reena Flores, CBS News

Cruz briefly congratulated his chief rival for the billionaire's many wins Tuesday night, but also mentioned that "we are the only campaign that has beat Donald Trump once, twice, three times." With Alaska, it’s four times.

Memo to GOP Establishment: Ted Cruz is the Best Deal You’re Going to Get from Conservatives

Not only does Senator Cruz have a record of going head-to-head with Donald Trump and winning, he does it by appealing to the same voters that might otherwise vote for Trump, and together their segments make up a solid majority of the Republican base. Much as the Republican establishment would like to present Senator Marco Rubio as a viable alternative to Donald Trump, Rubio's candidacy is a non-starter for a huge percentage of grassroots conservatives who are simply not going to vote for a candidate who has the same position on amnesty for illegal aliens that Hillary Clinton has and wholeheartedly supported Obama’s failed policies in the Middle East.

This One Factor Will Decide Who Wins Super Tuesday

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

A good way to determine whether that is happening, from the exit polls, is to look at the number of late deciding voters who show up at the polls. If that number looks like 45% or so, then the race remains static with Trump in the mid to low 30s. If that number falls to 25 or 30%, then Trump is likely looking at a relatively comfortable Super Tuesday.

Before You Vote Today Take The Donald Trump Video Challenge

If you are a limited government constitutional conservative, a national defense conservative or a values first voter who cares about the culture we urge you to take the two minute Donald Trump video challenge before you vote today. You can watch the video on YouTube through this link.

Vote for Ted Cruz Like The Future Of Your Country Depends Upon It

What the Republican establishment fears more than anything, including a Donald Trump nomination, is that when Ted Cruz wins he brings more than a new Republican administration to power – he brings us – the limited government constitutional conservative movement to power.