Trump investigations

With virus crisis raging, Pelosi and Schiff ramp up new Trump investigations

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Pelosi announced the creation of the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis. The new panel will have the authority to investigate any aspect of the virus emergency and the Trump administration's handling of it. Pelosi's announcement came a day after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff called for a 9/11-style independent commission to investigate "mistakes" in the virus response. Shortly after that, Schiff told the Washington Post that in Congress, House Democrats must investigate the Trump administration's handling of virus testing and the government's distribution of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.

Democrats Need Rehab from Trump Investigation Addiction

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

If you're unclear what Democrats stand for in the 2020 election—other than wildly outdated socialism and some creepy anti-Semitism—this could be, indeed undoubtedly is, the reason. All they do is investigate. In the interest of a two-party system, an intervention is definitely needed—followed by rehab. Rehab is not just about group therapy in a hot tub. At some point you have to be honest about what brought you there in the first place. There are probably more and better reasons and the likelihood, alas, of Democrats checking themselves in are somewhere between slim and the proverbial none. Maybe a huge Trump landslide in 2020 would do it but... maybe it will make it even worse.