Trump White House

How Bill Shine could bring 'Trump TV' to the White House

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

Former Fox News executive Bill Shine is joining the White House staff in a senior communications role — “Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Communication” is the lofty title. Like his former network, Shine could present Trump’s message without watering it down but in a less amateurish fashion. During the campaign, it was often rumored that instead of the White House, what Trump really wanted was to join with Roger Ailes proteges in founding “Trump TV.” Shine has a chance to help give him the best of both worlds.

The Long Week of the Leaked McCain Insult

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

These are the same networks that opportunistically whacked McCain as an obstacle to Obama 10 years ago. Take ABC's Terry Moran on "Nightline" on Oct. 13, 2008: "attacks from John McCain and Sarah Palin ... stoked the anger at Republican rallies, where there have been reports of attendees yelling things like 'terrorist' and 'kill him.'" Moran asked Biden, "Are you at all concerned in this home stretch for Sen. Obama's safety?" Perhaps ABC should start demanding that ABC apologize publicly.

Trump WH Separates Itself from Obama, Highlights Nativity Scene

Tony Perkins, CNS News

Maybe the mainstream media didn't notice how stifled Christians were under Barack Obama's government – how everything they said or wore or posted was scrutinized (or worse, punished). After two terms of the most hostile administration to faith the country has ever seen, I guarantee no one takes the simplest expression – "Merry Christmas" – for granted. To the people who elected Donald Trump, this isn't just about putting Christ in a day. It's about putting faith back in American life.

In Defense of Steve Bannon and Relevant Conservatism

Driving Steve Bannon from public life is the endgame of the Left, and some in the Republican establishment, because he’s made conservatism again relevant to the concerns of working America, exposed the lies and smug elitism of the ruling class and in the process built a winning coalition to strip them of power.