Enough Whining About Trump’s Mean Tweets

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

President Donald Trump is a human being, not a Golden Corral – you don’t get to pile up only the stuff you want on your plate and leave the stuff that you don’t want. The fact is that we didn’t elect Donald Trump to be President Feelgood Happy Time. We elected him to take a sledgehammer to the garbage establishment whose corruption, incompetence, and greed impoverished, insulted, and sometimes even killed normal Americans. And when you elect a sledgehammerer – and Donald Trump is the John Henry of American politics – don’t come to me shaking your head muttering, “Goodness gracious, I expected him to be more subtle.”

Forget the Good Manners—Trump Should Keep Tweeting

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

I say, keep on keepin’ on, Donald. The reason is simple. He has no choice. He has no other place to go, really. Most of the media (the major newspapers, the networks and all of cable news with the exception of Fox, which is not always reliable) are lined up against him. Indeed, as we all know, they have wanted him out of office from before he even had it. Even the Wall Street Journal doesn’t give him a fair shake in their front pages that are little different from those of the New York Times and the Washington Post. All rely on nefarious, anonymous leaks aimed at bringing the president down. How, other than Twitter, can he really get his message out the way he wants it?

Trump Is Just Saying What Regular Americans Think

As is often the case when Trump drops a Twitter bomb on Democrats, middle America seems to agree with the President. The consensus about Rep. Ilhan Omar we found during a foray to our favorite shooting range was “don’t let the screen door hit her in the butt” and the President’s tweets criticizing her were liked over 168,000 times with comments equally as brutal.

A modern president and his tweet stuff

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Why wouldn’t you want a president in the age of social media to methodically share what he’s trying to accomplish so that those people who really won’t understand it can think they understand it. Mr. Trump took the idea and ran with it, not always to unanimous applause. A president has to depend on a lively news cycle, and President Trump proved that a voluble president can bring newsworthy events with him. President Trump might have been just your ordinary boring president, busy with the ordinary crises that can be counted on to bedevil any president. But he got lucky.

The Trumpian Rorschach Test Never Ends

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

President Donald Trump is our Rorschach test, our mirror. He tells us as much, if not more, about ourselves as we do about him. Those who cherish good manners and a certain measure of formality and protocol despise the man. Those who call themselves progressive and, usually, don't pay much attention to good manners and certainly not formality (cf. pussy hats) despise him even more. They see in him what they want, like that Rorschach ink blot.

Trump — And the Use and Abuse of Madness

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

As president, Trump’s chaos and erratic rhetoric, when in concert with an impressive cabinet, has sometimes served him well. But if he fails to see that there is an art of madness like his own arts of the deal, then he will soon become wearisome and Berlusconi-like rather than feared and Reaganesque.

We Should Cheer CNN’s Ritual Suicide

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

As much as it is a joy to see CNN shred its pretenses and act openly as we always knew it wanted to, this sort of thing is not good. There is a cultural war underway already, and this only makes it more likely to get worse. When the media takes a side, it makes the other side its enemy. That’s a conscious choice. And CNN seems happy to help feed the fire by embracing its liberal fascist id.

Fighting Fire With Fire

The problem with all of this establishment Republican virtue-signaling and the establishment media calls for civility is that they only go one way. Neither before nor after President Trump hit Brzezinski and Scarborough like a ton of bricks did anyone in the establishment call for civility to the President.

Trump should consider becoming his own solicitor general

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Truth is, Mr. Trump really should kick his Twitter habit when it comes to anything legal. Or he could just go ahead and name himself his own solicitor general and argue his own case before the Supreme Court himself. Actually, that might not be such a bad idea. Mr. Trump is so good at doing his own press, maybe he should try his hand at representing himself before the bench.