Ukrainegate Shows We Need Fred Fleitz As Director Of National Intelligence

The United States needs an effective and uncorrupted intelligence apparatus to play its part in defending the nation, and Fred Fleitz has shown himself to be an adept and able administrator capable of doing the housecleaning necessary to air out the stench of Leftwing partisan politics in the intelligence community.

Conservatives Unravel Deep State Coup Against Trump

In this long article we summarize the tangled backstory conservatives have been able to unravel about the latest Deep State coup against President Trump. The details they have developed reveal a breathtaking assault on the Constitution by a conspiracy of Democrats and Far Left operatives in the intelligence agencies, in Congress and in Soros-funded organizations.

What Conservatives Are Saying About Impeachment

We're with our friend Mark Levin: What a stupid, baseless, phony scandal the Democrats, Nevertrumpers & media are trying to promote. Endless conga line of Democrats and the like crying crocodile tears while covering up for the crooked Biden family. It won’t work.

Establishment Political News Influence Nosediving

The establishment media's efforts to destroy Trump are having the opposite effect – the media’s credibility is being destroyed, Sleepy Joe Biden is falling fast to Elizabeth Warren and, according to Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll 52 percent of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.

Trump allies urge release of transcript at center of whistleblower controversy

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Officials believe public release of the transcript would be in President Trump's best interest. Democrats are demanding the complaint be turned over. Some Democrats and NeverTrumpers who already support impeaching the president immediately added the whistleblower complaint to their list of reasons Trump should be removed from office. The topic consumed hours of time on cable news. The controversy has mushroomed even as no one knows precisely what Trump and Zelensky said. In the absence of real knowledge, an informed debate about the call is impossible. That is one reason why some members of the administration want the transcript made public.