Americans Are In The Dark About The Greatest Threats To Their Country

No other nation today poses a greater danger to American national security than China, a state engaged in an unprecedented campaign of information warfare using both massive cyberattacks and influence operations aimed at diminishing what Beijing regards as its most important strategic enemy – the United States of America.

Do Our Intelligence Agencies Suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome?

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

The Podesta emails made great reading, if only for the schadenfreude. We shall see -- or not -- how they were obtained.  Still, it's worth noting we have all heard the criticism of Donald Trump that he is not attending all his daily intelligence briefings.  Maybe he knows something.  Maybe he has something to fear.

Hacks Of Democrats Were A Public Service Not A Disinformation Campaign

There’s only one problem with attacking the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election as tainted by a Russian disinformation campaign; a disinformation campaign is based on lies made to look like truth, and the hackers, be they Russians, Chinese or Americans, revealed the truth behind the Democrats’ lies.

Nuggets in the Latest WikiLeaks Dump

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

They raise more questions about Huma and company — even a sycophantic Bushie. If Abedin sent emails to her Yahoo account and they stuck to her computer with Weiner, the FBI may find plenty of classified information stored on it.

Launch imminent of 'phase three' of Wikileaks election coverage

Joe Uchill, The Hill

Wikileaks enigmatically announced on Twitter that it would soon launch “phase three of [its] election coverage.” It did not provide information about what the third phase entails or if there are still more revelations to come.

WikiLeaks Shines Light on Forked-Tongue Democrats

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

WikiLeaks revealed that the Democratic Party operatives that we watch as animatrons on TV become real people once they think no one watches. They want to suppress the leaked emails why, exactly? They’re not amoral, imprudent pod people, after all. They just play them on TV.

What James O'Keefe and WikiLeaks Tell Us About Journalism

Tom Kuntz, Real Clear Politics

Blanket criticisms of O’Keefe and WikiLeaks obscure the important lessons they have to teach us about the state of investigative reporting and why, it seems, nontraditional journalists are flourishing. The information age provokes the reactionary impulse of secrecy. As most investigative journalists know, it is increasingly difficult to pry information from government.