will Ted Cruz run for president

Cruz's Staff Move To Campaign a Good Sign

Erick Erickson, Red State

If Ted Cruz builds his likely Presidential campaign team just as he built his Senate office team, he may have a shot. If he wants to win, he must do so as an inspirational conservative. Taking Chip Roy to the Presidential effort is a good first step of what will be many more needed to get the job done.

Record TeaParty Turnout for Cruz

Stephen K. Bannon, Breitbart

The Tea Party Patriots exceeded expectations at Weds.'s tele-townhall on the CResolution w/ 104k participants for Ted Cruz and Rep. Jim Bridenstine. TPP's Jenny Beth Martin said, "no special measures were taken to draw the crowd."

Cruz Has Edge for 2016

Mike Flynn, Breitbart

Steve Deace, radio host and political powerbroker in Iowa says that Cruz is "on a path to the White House." He explained the appeal of Cruz to the Repub base and general election voters. 

Cruz Takes on Lib Media Bias

Alex Altman, Time

Why does it seem inconceivable to libs that there could be Americans who believe in free-market principles and the Constitution?

Cruz: Wacko Like a Fox

Doyle McManus, Los Angles Times

Cruz has a strategy for the US. He believes that a stronger Tea Party could move the R's to the right where it belongs.