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Liberals’ Class Warfare on the Working Class Keeps Trump Afloat

John Fund, National Review

Donald Trump won because he recognized the nature of that class war and appealed to those who were being hurt by it. Democrats aren’t likely to win back the voters they’ve lost until they realize that many of those voters won’t even listen to them if there isn’t a truce in the class war they see being waged against them.

Shattered: The Book That Explains The Real Reasons Why Hillary Lost

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign the just-out book by respected political reporters Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes tells the truth about how and why sure winner Hillary Clinton went down to a defeat that still has Washington reeling.

Both the politicians and the pundits were caught off base by the Donald

Paul Mulshine, New Jersey Star-Ledger

Donald Trump stole the Democratic Party's base from right under their noses. For as long as I've been following politics, that base was the blue-collar class. The Democrats were the party of the working man. The Republicans were the party of the bosses. Then along comes this guy who's been a boss his whole life - but decides to make a blatant pitch for the working man's vote. And the Democrats fail to even notice.

Will Obama – Trump Voters Decide The Election?

“I’m fed up with the old, fat, white, gray-haired men who run things,” said a New Jersey union electrician. “I’m white, but those guys are about entitlement, and Hillary falls right into that category, even though she’s not a man.”