Conservative Split on Gingrich’s Immigration Remarks

Nearly half of our respondents agree with his original remarks on “humane” treatment of illegal immigrants, and nearly half disagree (a dead-even split).

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on Iran (Part II)

The Gingrich/Reagan model includes engaging the current Iranian regime on every battlefield of national power in a well coordinated strategy of regime change, to make certain the Iranians never obtain nuclear weapons.

Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on Iran (Part I)

In today’s world of intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, is the non-interventionism favored throughout our history -- and promoted by Ron Paul -- a viable strategy?

Ron Paul Sets New Records as Herman Cain Continues Slide in CHQ Straw Poll

Ron Paul sets a new CHQ Presidential Straw Poll record while Herman Cain continues his downward spiral.

Only One Lawbreaker Can Affect Every American Car

The EPA just issued new fuel economy standards without legal authority to do so. It's just the latest example of government lawbreaking, and it's time for conservatives to do something about it.

Republican Establishment Pushes Gary Johnson to Third Party Run -- And Their Demise

People like Gary Johnson. The Republican Establishment does not. But, after months of being ignored, Johnson may look to a third-party to get his message out, and the results could be disastrous for the GOP.

Grassroots Thankful the Super Committee Failed

Conservative and Tea Party activists say the Super Committee was sure to raise taxes, and that’s a turkey nobody wanted.

Ron Paul Won the GOP National Security Debate

That’s the opinion of our conservative and Tea Party respondents, with Newt Gingrich coming in a distant second.

Tea Partiers Are Fed-up With Capitol Hill Republican Lies About Spending

The failure of the Super Committee further exposed the lies of Capitol Hill Republicans in claiming that they actually care about cutting spending, deficits and the debt.

Was Newt’s Immigration Comment Honest or Just Plain Dumb?

Newt Gingrich's solution to the problem of illegal immigration (put forward in Tuesday night's debate) could be seen as either thoughtful or the biggest mistake of his campaign thus far.

CHQ Poll: Pentagon Is Not Sacrosanct

Conservative and Tea Party activists say it should not be exempt from budget cuts.

CNN National Security Debate – Not Even a Focus Group Can Figure it Out

Tuesday night’s GOP presidential debate was supposed to help people decide on a candidate to support, but it didn’t turn out that way for one group of onlookers.