CHQ Poll Results: Conservatives and Tea Partiers Don't Back Daniels

Christopher Bedford - 2/25/11

A poll of right wing activists shows only 30% think he is presidential.

Is the Tea Party Forcing McCain to Vote More Conservative?

National Journal - 2/25/11
The former "maverick" ties at #1 in 2010 ranking by National Journal and  American Conservative Union.

CHQ Poll Results: Hailey Barbour Will Be Called a Racist if he Runs

Christopher Bedford - 2/23/11
Accusations from the left would sink his campaign. Photo by Gage Skidmore

Eric Cantor's Failure of Leadership -- 2/22/11
Erick Erikson: The failure to cut $100 billion from the budget is a failure of leadership.

CHQ Poll Results: More Than 90 Percent of Conservatives and Tea Partiers Want Striking Teachers in Wisconsin Fired

Christopher Bedford - 2/22/11

Call harkens back to historic GOP superstar strike-breakers.

Will He Run?

Politico - 2/21/11
A senior adviser to Gov. Christie says he is considering forming a political action committee.

Poll Results: Conservatives Aren't Behind a Christie Run

Christopher Bedford - 2/21/11
Almost half don't think the NJ governor has proven he is a conservative yet.

Chris Christie: “It’s Time for Some Impatience in America”

Eric Nielsen - 2/17/11
The potential 2012 contender said, "Leadership, in my opinion, is not about waiting."

The Tea Party is a Natural Ally of the Pro-Life Movement

CHQ Staff - 2/12/11; 5:15pm

John Henry says at CPAC that Opposition to Cutting Defense Spending is "Certainly Not a Tea Party View"

William Upton, Adam Cassandra - 2/12/11; 4:30pm
Henry said, "I haven't met one Tea Party person who didn't think it was a good idea."