I Appeared with Rep. Giffords Ten Days Ago

Richard A. Viguerie - 1/9/11
She is vibrant and accomplished woman and my thoughts and prayers are with her, the victims and all their families.

Speaker Boehner and House GOP Deserve Praise for Term-Limiting Committee Chairs

Richard A. Viguerie - 1/6/11
Conservatives and Tea Partiers should be heartened by the return of this important rule.

Some Freshmen GOP Off on the Wrong Foot

Richard A. Viguerie - 1/5/11
The new Republican Congress needs to focus on doing the people's business. 

DeMint Still on Top in CHQ's 2012 Presidential Straw Poll

Adam Cassandra - 1/3/10
CHQ's GOP straw poll for December ends with DeMint still in the lead.

Conservatives Split on Mike Pence Presidential Run

Adam Cassandra - 12/27/10
CHQ poll finds 50% want Pence to run for president, 46% for governor.

Richard Viguerie Calls Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli a New Breed of Republican Leader

CHQ Staff - 12/13/10
Cuccinelli has taken his place on the national stage as an important conservative leader.

GOP Caving on Pursuit of Climategate

Timothy Birdnow - 12/10/10
The GOP may have missed its chance on Climategate with Hall appointment.

The GOP is Already Off to a Bad Start

Richard A. Viguerie - 12/9/10
It didn’t take long for the GOP Leadership to put their finger in the eye of conservatives.

Christine O’Donnell Asks “Citizen Politicians” to Lead Conservatives to Victory

Adam Cassandra - 12/8/10 
Christine O'Donnell says conservatives must stay active and involved in campaigns.