The Problem With the Conservative Vote Today

As our CHQ Poll shows, conservative sentiment is split behind too many candidates and non-candidates to be effective.  There is no strong leader, like a Goldwater or Reagan, to unite us.

CHQ Poll: Ron Paul Has Only Serious Plan to Cut Spending

Conservative and Tea Party activists overwhelming support Ron Paul’s plan to cut $1 trillion in federal spending immediately.

Paul Takes 1 Out of Every 2 Votes in Straw Poll of Conservative Activists

Ron Paul finishes first place for the 10th week in a row in the CHQ Presidential Straw Poll, doubling the vote total of his closest rival Michele Bachmann.

Lenawee 912 Forum with Senatorial Candidate Gary Glenn

Grassroots conservatives and Tea Partiers want constitutional conservatives to represent them in Congress, and here's a look at a recent candidate forum in Michigan where the Constitution took center stage.

Gingrich’s Unilateral Disarmament Leaves Romney Untested in GOP Primaries

Asking “who is the real Mitt Romney” and reminding voters of Romney’s flip-flops and inconsistencies on conservative issues isn’t negative, it is the truth. Are you listening, Newt?

Tea Party Freshmen Tried to Save Capitol Hill GOP from Itself

House Republican Tea Party freshmen wanted to stay in Washington until the payroll tax cut matter was settled, but Speaker John Boehner caved (as usual) and everyone else is now going to take the fall.

If Palin is Correct Would a Late Entering Candidate Help the Establishment?

Any more GOP presidential candidates entering at this stage would face serious obstacles and could very well hand the fate of the nomination to the inside-the-Beltway establishment -- and that's bad news.

Ideas Suddenly Vanish from Republican Presidential Campaign

A content-free negative campaign may win a primary (for certain GOP candidates), but it does nothing to sell voters on the big conservative vision needed to turn this country around.

Obama’s Numbers Go Up the More Negative the GOP Presidential Race Gets

Republican presidential candidates need to spend more time out on the campaign trail (and on the airwaves) criticizing Obama’s record and selling conservative alternatives to it -- and a lot less time trashing each other.

We Like Negative Ads—If They’re True

Conservative and Tea Party activists tell the CHQ Poll they approve of negative ads that are based in truth, not slander.

Drunken Santas Terrorize Taxpayers

While Members of Congress go home and claim they are trying to cut spending, they are really more like cheesy mall Santas who promise everything to their customers -- if they'll just be nice and re-elect them.

The Republican Establishment is Terrified of Ron Paul

After years of being ignored, Ron Paul finally has the full attention of the Republican establishment. In fact, he has more than just their attention. He has them in an absolute panic.