Bore Wars: GOP Candidates Must Avoid Putting Voters to Sleep

Americans do not like a bore, and if the GOP wants to win the presidency in 2012, its nominee can’t put voters to sleep. 

Bachmann Crushes Gingrich in Latest CHQ Presidential Straw Poll

The battle between Michele Bachmann and Newt Gringrich continues as Bachmann bumps Newt from second place in Week 9 of the CHQ Presidential Straw Poll.

No ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq

Most conservative and Tea Party respondents in our CHQ Poll see the Iraq War as a mistake or failure.

A Conservative Consensus for 2012

The Conservative Action Project (CAP), a coalition of more than 100 organizations representing all major elements of the conservative movement, has issued this memo for the movement on those running for public office. 

Craig Shirley’s New Book: December 1941

“The events of December 7, 1941, changed America and changed America forever. It sent the country careening off on a wildly different path of history than the one it had traveled in the days before that fateful day.” Craig Shirley, author of December 1941.

The Smackdown the Mainstream Media Ignored: Ron Paul Nails Michele Bachmann on Iran

One of the highlights of Thursday night's presidential debate was a heated exchange between Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann concerning Iran's nuclear intentions. One was factually correct, one was not.

The Ron Paul Foreign Policy Debate

Ron Paul needs to square his foreign policy views with those of men like Thomas Jefferson, who argued that the Constitution allows the President to exercise powers even where they may be implied, not just enumerated.

This is Not Anti-Terrorist—It’s Anti-Constitution

Virtually all of the respondents to our CHQ Poll oppose the bill that allows the government to arrest U.S. citizens and hold them, indefinitely, without trial, if they are deemed to be a terrorist.

National Review’s Delusion

It will require a vast grassroots conservative movement to beat Obama, and none of the candidates should be disqualified (as National Review has done) from leading the GOP ticket if they're able to build a coalition.

Fox News Iowa Republican Debate – It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over, and it Ain’t Over Yet

The Republican candidates wrapped-up their final presidential debate on Thursday night, yet there’s a strong sense that things could still change markedly before the votes are cast.

We Vote for President, Not Vice President

There is no conclusive evidence from the CHQ Poll that the vice presidential slot—even if it’s given to our favorite candidate—makes that much difference in how we vote.

Iowa Social Conservatives Looking at Gingrich Because They Want Action, Not Talk, on Social Issues

In Newt Gingrich, Iowa's social conservatives see a candidate who, despite his personal shortcomings, has a real record of action on social and cultural issues.