Tea Party Picks Moffett in KY Gov Race

Fox19 (KY) - 3/29/11
The Bowling Green KY Tea Party endorses Louisville businessman Phil Moffett for governor.

Trump: Suspicious of Obama's Birth Certificate

Newsmax - 3/28/11
Says president has spent millions to get away from the issue. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Just Who Are the Infamous Koch Brothers?

The Weekly Standard - April Issue
The billionaire libertarians are a prime target of the left's propaganda machine.

$360M From Taxpayers Goes to "Corporate Culture of Abortion"

CHQ Staff - 3/28/11
The pro-life Susan B. Anthony List launches TV ad to expose Planned Parenthood.

DeMint: Expect New GOP Cast in 2012

Washington Post - 3/28/11
Sen. Jim DeMint thinks a number of GOP governors are inspirational to conservatives.

Donald Trump and the Birth Certificate

The Daily Caller - 3/25/11
Is the president a US-born citizen? The potential candidate wants to see proof. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Haley Barbour: No Truce On Social Issues

Politico - 3/25/11
In Iowa stop, the possible GOP candidate gets emotional about abortion law.

No Constitutional Conservatives in 2012?

CHQ Staff - 3/24/11
Viguerie says people should urge a principled conservative to enter the 2012 race.

Atlas Shrugged: Part 1: A Solid Start to a Long Journey

Christopher Bedford - 3/24/11
A CHQ movie review of the best-selling Ayn Rand novel on the big screen. 

Wisconsin Union Battle Takes New Form

Christopher Bedford - 3/23/11

Left targets Supreme Court Race; Tea Party must move fast.

Levin: Don't Listen to Ron Paul on Libya

The Daily Caller - 3/23/11
Conservative talker Mark Levin says Paul is wrong about Constitution on Libya. (Audio)

The Washington Times gets a Facelift

CHQ Staff - 3/22/11
Adds coverage of sports, metro, entertainment, business.