Conservatives Optimistic That Walker Will Survive Recall Move

By an overwhelming margin, conservative and Tea Party activists tell the CHQ Poll they expect Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker will survive the recall movement mounted against him.

The Rush to Judge Rush

The public brawl between the left and Rush Limbaugh has never really been about attitudes toward women – it is about the politics of liberal feminism.

Rush Speaks for Republicans Because GOP Leaders Don't

Forget who Rush Limbaugh offended, or the liberal media’s attempt to restrict his “right” to free speech, or even a government mandate for insurance carriers to provide birth control. The real lesson in this controversy is for Republicans; particularly Republican leaders.

Richard Viguerie Calls on Newt Gingrich to Consider Dropping Out and Backing Rick Santorum

"Looking at last night’s numbers, it has become increasing clear that the former Speaker can either be a kingmaker or a spoiler, because, to unite conservatives, Gingrich would have to suspend his campaign and endorse Rick Santorum for the Republican nomination for President."

Romney Wins Ohio Al Gore Style

The map of last night’s vote in Ohio and the exit polls that go with it, show once again that, outside the reach of his negative advertising, Romney has little appeal to grassroots Republican voters.

Most Conservatives Favor Long Primary Process

A majority—but not an overwhelming majority—of our CHQ Poll respondents think it does more good than harm.

Even Split on What Newt Should Do

CHQ Poll respondents are evenly split on what Newt Gingrich should do if he fails to win Georgia’s primary today.

At The Washington Post History Ends In 1964

Contrary to The Post's Chris Cillizza’s revisionist view of history (and the wishful thinking of establishment Republicans), history proves that when Republicans run content-free establishment campaigns they lose. When they nationalize the election and run on the conservative agenda, they win.

Tuesday’s Winner? One of These 4

Respondents to our CHQ Poll were divided almost evenly over who’s going to be the biggest winner on Super Tuesday. It’s going to be either Paul, Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich. Gee, thanks.

Snowe’s Vote Against Conscience Amendment Reminds Us Why She Won’t Be Missed

Olympia Snowe’s vote in favor of bureaucratic coercion -- instead of freedom of conscience and constitutional government -- is a perfect example of why she and other members of the establishment elite’s “political center” are being chased out of office. Mourns the Passing of Conservative Warrior Andrew Breitbart

We mourn the passing of our conservative colleague Andrew Breitbart.  Too young, the pioneering conservative blogger and online media mogul, whose zest for battle with establishment politicians and the mainstream media made him a hero to grassroots conservative and Tea Party activists, died Thursday at age 43.

Snowe Melts Under Tea Party Heat

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe’s decision to retire, instead of facing a Tea Party-backed opponent in the primary, simply removes another impediment to conservative government -- that’s hardly a loss for Republicans.