CPAC’s 2012 Straw Poll Found Lacking

Adam Cassandra - 2/11/11; 11:30am
The list of candidates omits several high profile figures, including Sen. Jim DeMint.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson Lets His Libertarian Flag Fly at CPAC

William Upton - 2/11/11; 10:51am
The libertarian leaning Republican talked massive spending cuts and legalizing drug use.

CHQ Poll Results: Sen. Webb’s Retirement Solidifies the GOP’s Chances of Winning the Senate

Adam Cassandra - 2/11/11; 10:25am
A majority of CHQ voters think Webb's retirement will lead to a GOP majority.

Sen. Rand Paul Asks Conservatives at CPAC to Choose “Bold Leadership” in 2012

Adam Cassandra - 2/10/11; 6:20pm
Sen. Paul tells conservatives to "get the right person" in 2012.

Donald Trump Touts Conservative Credentials at CPAC, Dismisses Ron Paul

William Upton - 2/10/11; 5:00pm
Trump told the CPAC crowd what to expect if he runs for President of the United States.

Déjà Vu with Senator Orrin Hatch: Sometimes Conservative, Sometimes Not

Richard Viguerie -- 2/11/11
UT Sen. Orrin Hatch has gone from a Ted Kennedy Republican to a conservative hero and back again dozens of times.

The New and the Old at CPAC: Noem Calls for Citizen Legislators, Gingrich Wants Obama at CPAC

CHQ Staff - 2/10/11; 2:31pm
Freshman Rep. Noem's speech at CPAC stood in stark contrast to Gingrich's address.

CHQ Poll Results: Voters Reject GOP Plans to Tie Raising the Debt Ceiling with a Balanced Budget Amendment

Adam Cassandra - 2/3/11
A majority of CHQ voters reject the idea popular with many Republicans in the House and Senate.

DeMint Holds the Lead in CHQ's 2012 Presidential Straw Poll

Christopher Bedford - 2/2/11
CHQ voters continue to pick Sen. DeMint as their preferred GOP nominee.

Richard Viguerie: We’re Still Behind You, Mike Pence

CHQ Staff - 1/27/11
"I hope Mr. Pence will continue to serve the American people and become the next governor of his state of Indiana."

Richard Viguerie Criticizes Both President Obama and Congressional Republicans for Failure to Propose Serious Cuts in Spending

CHQ Staff -- 1/26/11
Richard Viguerie takes both parties to task for failure to address the federal spending problem.