And Then There Were Three Candidates…

Almost half of our CHQ Poll respondents expect Rick Santorum to be the next presidential candidate to quit the race. Another third expect everyone to stay in until the convention.

CNN Florida GOP Debate: Frontrunners Fight, Both Lose the Decision

Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and Paul met for a final presidential debate before Floridians go to the polls next Tuesday, and other than a few quotes destined for the evening news, nothing was settled.

CHQ Poll Respondents Expect Gingrich Victory in Florida

It’s Gingrich 56%, Paul 26%, Romney 12%, and Santorum 6%.

Tea Partiers and Social Conservatives Boost Santorum in Florida

Santorum’s focus on the Constitution is pleasing Tea Partiers and social conservatives all throughout the Sunshine State, as good sized crowds have greeted his recent campaign stops there.

Mitch Daniels Ignores Social Conservatives Again

The Indiana governor's response to the State of the Union Address was fine from a Republican standpoint, but completely omitted the Values issues that drive the conservative movement today.

CHQ Poll: Ron Paul Won Monday’s Debate

Three-fourths of our conservative and Tea Party activists say Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich won the Republican presidential debate on Monday night.

Republican Candidates Tee It Up In Florida

If the GOP presidential race were a round of golf, each of the candidates has his own risk/reward holes to play -- while Rick Santorum especially can make it all the way to the convention if he "plays it safe."

Obama’s State of the Union – Tonight, for Once, Obama Will be Honest

Obama apparently plans to use tonight’s State of the Union address to abandon the federal social program ruse and say up-front that reducing income inequality is the main theme of his re-election campaign.

NBC Changes Debate Rules to Protect Itself

Brian Williams' "no applause" rule was meant to protect him and his fellow media interlocutors from the booing and catcalls others received (and deserved) when they asked biased, inane or just plain stupid questions.

Romney and Gingrich Hand Debate Victory to Establishment Media

Rick Santorum didn't get many opportunities to speak during Monday night's establishment controlled "debate" between Gingrich and Romney, but he still managed to sum up why he's the best candidate for conservatives.

Newt Gingrich Should Thank John King

The moderator of the Thursday debate is given credit by a plurality of our CHQ Poll respondents for being the greatest outside help to Gingrich in achieving his South Carolina victory.

Florida NBC News GOP Debate: Who’s Really Serious About Conservatism?

Predictably, Mitt Romney went after Newt Gingrich and vice versa – but the most effective points of the evening were delivered by Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.