Why Palin Should Run

Richard A. Viguerie – 12/2/10
Attacks on Sarah Palin may actually encourage support for a 2012 run.

Richard Viguerie: Senator DeMint Gives GOP Incumbents a Pass, But Other Conservatives Won’t

Richard A. Viguerie - 12/3/10
"Conservatives cannot, and will not, give these out-of-touch Republicans a pass."

Most Conservative Activists Favor Some Kind of Defense Cuts

Christopher Bedford - 12/3/10 
CHQ poll finds 84% of Conservative activists believe in cutting the Defense budget.

Top Conservatives Ask GOP Leadership to Consider Defense Spending Cuts

CHQ Staff—11/30/10
Richard Viguerie and conservative leaders urge GOP to cut wasteful defense spending.

What would you cut?

George Getz—11/30/10
Here's a list of 10 politically popular budget cuts.

Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), Prepared by Capital Research Center

                                                                   Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)

Attention, Catholics: Given to ACORN lately?

 Richard A. Viguerie - 11/19/10
Don't let your mass donations go to radical far-left causes like ACORN. 

Richard Viguerie: 56 Conservative Leaders Rally Behind Senator Jim DeMint

CHQ Staff - 11/18/10
Viguerie applauds support for DeMint's efforts to nominate more conservatives to the U.S. Senate.

Declaration of Conservative Leaders in Support Of Senator Jim DeMint

CHQ Staff - 11/17/10
Conservative leaders see attacks on Sen. Jim DeMint as attacks on all conservatives.

Richard Viguerie: Conservatives Rejoice Over ‘Prodigal Son’ Republicans – No Earmarks

CHQ Staff - 11/15/10
McConnell's support for a moratorium on earmarks for the 112th Congress applauded.