Opposition to Obama Policy Spans All Religious Groups

It’s not just Catholics. Our CHQ Poll shows overwhelming opposition to Obama’s HHS mandate also among Protestants, Jews, other religions, and the non-religious.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke – Still an Obama Apologist

Bernanke recently complained about unsustainable government spending and ballooning deficits, yet remains a staunch supporter of the failed Obama policies that are the drivers of the problem.

Karl Rove Criticizes Romney, Stop the Presses!

Even Karl Rove agrees with conservatives that Romney is running a content-free campaign, demonstrating that at least some of conservatives' beefs with Mitt are reaching the "brains" of the establishment.

Activists Not Impressed by Trump

Most respondents to our CHQ Poll think a Trump endorsement does not matter, or hurts. Only about a third think a Trump endorsement helps the candidate.

Rick Santorum Nails Obama and Liberals on the Reasons for “Income Inequality”

If President Obama says income inequality and unfairness are the defining issues of our time, Rick Santorum provides the best solutions: graduate from high school, get married (before children) and get a job.

Congress Keeps Spending and the Media Keeps Confusing the Numbers

While the media may do its best to make the continuation of the spending crisis look like good news, we all know the latest CBO estimates spell doom for the country unless something drastic is done about it.

Heartless Moderates Will Hurt GOP in November

Conservatives' main problem with Romney is not his bad choice of words in the CNN interview -- “I’m not concerned about the very poor” -- it's his adoption of Obama-like class warfare rhetoric that's truly disturbing.

Conservatives in CHQ Poll: See You in Tampa!

A solid majority expect all four present candidates to stay in the race until the Republican convention, where nobody will have a majority of the delegates.

Presidential Demolition Derby Obscures Senate Races

Tea Party and grassroots conservatives must remember that the presidential "demolition derby" race is a mere warm-up to the main event, which is the battle to win many more conservative seats in the Senate.

Desire to ‘Fire Obama’ and Economy Seen as Major Factors

Respondents to our CHQ Poll say these will be most important in determining whether President Obama or his Republican opponent wins in November.

Romney Drowns Gingrich and Santorum in Toxic Sludge

In Florida, Romney's big win means the Republican establishment served notice to the Tea Party and grassroots movement conservatives that it is playing for all the cookies.

The Ads Against Romney That No One Has Made… Yet

The real issue discovered when examining Romney's tax returns is his truthfulness and willingness to game the tax system for financial advantage in a way unavailable to the average American.